Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kamran Akmal - A cringeworthy character

My general dislike for the man knows no bounds. This "hatred" if you will, comes from something that I for the life of me cannot explain. Missed catches, stumpings, match fixing, oath-taking are just a few things I associate with him.

The amount of catches he has dropped (34 at last count) in the last few years make him one of the worst wicket-keepers to have played in this era. No WK has ever been retained after such miserable showings but the man with "The Teeth" has made numerous comebacks just like a Pakistani salesman who refuses to go away after being shunned numerous times.


  1. It was a risky call to recall him. He has a negative influence in the team and in the long chain of events this could be damaging to the general health of Pakistan Cricket. Unless, he is performing well with the bat, it's pointless in trying on him. Personally, I would prefer the freshness and natural ability of a talented teenager called Ahmed Shehzad in the line up ahead of someone as immature and ill mannered as Cameron Kakmal.

    On his day nonetheless, he can be a useful LO batsmen. He is equally a destroyer as he is a match winner. Perhaps more of a destroyer in all seriousness.

  2. Agreed, he can be a handy LOI batsman but due to the extra baggage he carries, he is not worth the risk.

    I would have played Umer as the keeper and inserted Ahmed to open the batting with Hafeez.

    Now that he is back, look for the team morale to go downhill.

  3. Exactly. That's the problem people on fan pages especially fail to understand. He will score big ton under pressure to cement his place for the next tour, but over time this is so negatively destructive for the team morale.

    Moreover, he is a close buddy of Salman Butt so I don't necessarily feel comfortable and proud of watching him representing the country.

    UA was going well behind the stumps. He looked pretty safe and decent with sound technique.