Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Proud Misbah Fan! - Maaz

Pakistan's key batsmen they will be banking on in the World Cup! YK and Misbah can form a formidable partnership and set an excellent platform. An area where Pakistan can excel.
Over the past weeks I have been praising, hyping and backing Misbah’s inclusion and usefulness in the ODI team on various platforms. I have been emphasising how good he can be and the key role he can play with mind, presence and bat. During the process I have received endless criticism, intimidation and to some extent a large degree of abusiveness, mostly due to individual favouritism and reading too much into past records pessimistically. However, even then I left the ignorance a side, stood by my views and considered the bigger picture. Today Misbah has successfully silenced all his doubters, critics, haters and jealous Afridi-ites. What an asset he can be. What a player he can be. What a magnificent Michael Bevan like knock we witness from him today. This is the Ul Haq I know. Misbah, take a bow!!! You definitely deserve to be in the ODI team for sure, even more than others and you deserve the captaincy too more than Afridi. I have been saying this repeatedly and will continue to reinforce. The Pakistani supporters fully need to acknowledge, appreciate and back Misbah if they haven’t already due to various reasons, some unreasonable logic mostly, it is rather foolish and unjustifiable if you still hold the same views now! He is a given ASSET and always can be in whatever format he plays in! The way some of his own fans de-grade his capabilities is bitterly disappointing. His stupendous form in his international cricket comeback continues.

I know many people on this page who own Misbah Ul Haq a written apology! He is a top class player, experience presence and cool headed character to have in the dressing room. He can give you consistency, responsibility and stability which he has demonstrated on numerous occasions, especially in the recent times. Ideally I am still very much hopeful he is named as WC captain too. Misbah Ul Haq Niazi...way to go...what a player!

Look guys. The captain will be announced on Friday and then the issue will be resolved. Both are capable leaders and different in their own ways, but Misbah is definitely the better one when it comes to professionalism, tactics, innovations, organisation, composure, calmness, mental toughness etc. Hence, ideally I think we will be able to make significant progress and play more consistently under him. Let's wait for the decision, this is my view and many past legends are also the same in regards to this thinking. Whoever ends up leading we will fully support them, but at the moment there is still uncertainty due to incompetence of Ijaz Butt.


  1. Scott Styris on Twitter: "I thought misbahs innings was top quality, won them the game. Hopefully all our guys watched and observed. Great batsmanship"

  2. Misbah is good but AFridi is too gooood