Monday, February 14, 2011

Warm Up Match vs. Bangladesh

Warm Up Game tomorrow (15th February) vs. Bangladesh. Will be televised. Valuable last minute preparations and its essential they take full advantage of its potential usefulness in the longer chain of events which follow. They should be following the footsteps of the philosophy “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”Should be interesting to see what happens in terms of team combinations and performance. Good Luck Pakistan!! Lets get this job done and dusted well.


  1. In 1992 World Cup Warm Up Matches: Pakistan played South Africa which we lost...Then played Sri Lanka which we lost....Eventually won that World Cup.
    In 2007 World Cup Warm Up Match Pakistan played Canada which we won easily.Then played SA which we won easily.That World Cup turned out to be the most disastrous one.
    In 2009 T20 World Cup... Warm Up match we played India which we lost.Then played SA which we lost...Went on to win the World Cup.
    So after reading all this what do you want? A win or a loss tomorrow? :) [Talal]

    {Via Facebook Pakistan Cricket Team Admin}

  2. Apologies. Tomorrow’s Warm Up Match will not be televised it seems. Sorry for getting your hopes up and causing any inconvenience. Nonetheless, there will be score updates throughout. This has been a rare occasion where we have received misleading information. Thanks to Jawwad Jafar for bringing this to our attention.