Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clarification from Maaz before Quarter Finals

As the group stages conclude the quarter finals are expected to take place over the next 4 days. The Match ups include Pakistan vs. West Indies (A1 vs. B4), Australia vs. India (A3 vs. B2), New Zealand vs. South Africa (A4 vs. B1) and finally Sri Lanka vs. England (A2 vs. B3). Before the tournament I predicted on this very blog and other platforms that India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will reach the semis and now this looks like a likely possibility when taking into account the QF match ups, all 4 outcomes are STILL front line possibilities NOW. 3 sub continental teams could reach the final 4.

I recently posted a thread “A Confident Pakistani Cricket Fan” assuming Pakistan will take on the winner of the South Africa/New Zealand QF encounter should they win. However, the ICC schedule has been muddled and muffled up considerably and the order of the games has changed significantly whilst the tournament is in progress which is extremely puzzling and unprofessional so my rather optimistic analysis may no longer be applicable.

This comes about as a result of the hosting nation home rule policy with India playing their tie on Thursday whereas Sri Lanka playing their tie on Saturday. Obviously, with the home rule for hosting nation’s policy and with one Semi scheduled in Colombo and the other in Mohali, only the winner of the hosting nation’s encounters can take on the winner of the team which emerges victorious from one of the matches being played in Mirpur in order for it to work out properly. The order of the semi finals has changed to the winner of the 1st quarter plays the winner of the 2nd quarter whereas the winner of the 3rd quarter plays the winner of the 4th quarter as opposed to the winner of the 1st quarter plays the winner of the 3rd quarter which many people initially thought without the home rule being fully explained on leading media platforms including cricinfo which previously had is displayed incorrectly, but have recently just amended. Therefore, if Pakistan do beat the West Indies they will either take on India or Australia in the Punjab City of Mohali on Wednesday 30th March under lights.

So where does that leave my thread?

Personally, I would say we are expected to thrash the West Indies anyhow, but after that the boys in green will have to play exceptionally well in order to stand any realistic chance. It is within their capabilities nonetheless, but after hearing the way the programme has changed I am confident, but not as confident as a few days before nonetheless. I stick by my initial pre-tournament prediction that Pakistan will be knocked out in the semi final stages with the deep hope that I am proved wrong as a fanatic Pakistani Cricket follower /observer. GO GREENS GO!

Vast apologies in advance for any inconvenience and misunderstanding caused. Hopefully, it’s crystal clear now and hasn’t dented your confidence too much if anything! After all, Afridi said he will be happy on a place in the semis at the beginning of the tournament and we should be proud of the boys as they have been able to get that far at least...or haven’t they? Confirmation expected within 24 hours. All eyes and minds on Dhaka for now.

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