Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Step Closer To Mumbai For Dil Dil Pakistan!

In 48 hours time we will know if Pakistan have progressed to the climax stages of the tournament or alternatively whether their world cup dreams are over. Which will it be? Pakistan is much stronger than the West Indies on paper. West Indies are up against it. Pakistan has the momentum, psychological edge and in form confidence after topping the Group A table and breaking Australia’s 34 match unbeaten streak. If Pakistan turn up and avoid complacency they will win the match. Considering the superb preparation, positioning and build up they have gained from doing so well in the early stages of the tournament, there is absolutely no reason why they should not win this match. Only a sloppy performance could prove otherwise, but Pakistan are firm favourites and are expected to win. Go Greens Go!!! Make 23rd March 2011 a special national holiday for the people of Pakistan. The match is yours to WIN...

NEW DELHI: India has issued 5,000 visas to Pakistanis to facilitate their visit to India for the World Cup matches, including the final in Mumbai, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported on Monday.


If Pakistan do reach the final their possible opponents can only be:
1) South Africa
2) England
3) Sri Lanka
4) New Zealand

Common sense. They will play West Indies. One of India or Australia will get knocked out as they play each other. Then we will play the one who wins that game and if we win that there are only 4 other possible teams we can play if we get that far as things currently stand.

Imran Khan has recommended Pakistan play the following team against West Indies
1) Kamran Akmal
2) Asad Shafiq
3) Younis Khan
4) Misbah
5) Umar
6) Razzaq
7) Afridi
8) Wahab
9) Rehman
10) Gul
11) Ajmal (MUST)

He believes tactically aggressive moves and brave moves are the way forward as opposed to a tried and tested game plan which you stick by. The conditions and opposition vary from match to match. He stressed that champion sides look at ways of improving and adjusting even when their winning whereas average sides/good sides only make the necessary changes after their exploited in a loss.

He sees and assesses potential weaknesses quickly rather than buying into don't change a winning combination. He looks one step ahead and plays the most effective team composition rather than being worried about losing.

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