Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Wash Out Today BUT Plenty to digest, think about and look forward too......

Today rain intervened and washed out a mouth watering contest at the Premadassa which was a replay of the 2007 CWC Final in Barbados. Following this frustrating the result witnessed today the points tables of the respective groups make the following reading.

So far Pakistan have performed well and produced 3 winning results, but the lack of surprise, creativity, innovation and aggression from Afridi and Waqar has been heavily disappointing. It has not reflected in the results and everything has been easily overshadowed. However, valuable opportunities to set the impetus have been missed which could be harmful in the latter stages of the tournament. In reality, both Waqar and Afridi seem to be defensive and laid back in leadership. So far it has not been exploited, but don't rule out the possibility. Generally and traditionally, this is not the way teams including Pakistan have had successful campaigns in the past. Time to get a grip and have a plan "B" in mind before it's too late. Afridi is an aggressive cricketer, Waqar was an aggressive pacer, but as leaders they are almost certainly the opposite.

We are very hopeful, determined and optimistic to see Pakistan lift the 2011 Cricket World Cup and hence we run a page and post updates, provide information, quotes, stats and insights. We always want what is best for Pakistan Cricket and a conservative game plan is not the way forward. There are significant areas of concern and at times we have failed to really capitalise. Pakistan have a very good shout of winning this World Cup, especially after the great start. Therefore, it is of utmost importance they take full advantage of their strengths and opportunities which they are not doing at present, despite the positive outcomes. With a predictable and defensive strategy this could turn out to be a downfall down the line. Legendary cricketers like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram have been critically reinforcing the aforementioned points so if you disagree why don't you go and complain to the greats of your country as well who know the game inside out. In order to become a champion side bold measures have to be taken and this is a clear weakness of the current management and captain, the desire to win is there, but they are not doing themselves any favours. The team are doing well at the moment, but they could really set the intent, stamp their authorities and maximise effectiveness otherwise this could turn out to be a regrettable policy.

In Afridi's last 15 matches prior to the World Cup he took 14 wickets at an average of 49! In 3 matches in the World Cup Afridi has taken 14 wickets at an average of 5.2! How things have changed so quickly and magically is hard to digest. Afridi is making his presence felt and establishing his reputation as a "big match player." From absolute mediocrity where his place was in question to absolute brilliance to take the world by storm at the mega event to capture the imagination and backing of the whole nation. Boom Boom, we salute you!

Tomorrow South Africa take on England from Group B. All eyes on Imran Tahir. The Pakistani born leg spinner will be in action and so far he has already made an impact in this World Cup with 7 scalps in just 2 matches. He has all the variations and control and looks to be in good form and enjoying his cricket. Watch out for him. He could have a key part to play. England on the other hand, will be looking to bounce back hard following the upset against Ireland earlier in the week. The bowling and fielding standards must be lifted in order to stand a chance.

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  1. Also, lets not get ahead of ourselves saying we won 3 games in a row because 2 of them were against associate minnows and in one of them we failed to score 200 against a third class inexperienced bowling attack. Okay the conditions were not the best, but still the margin of victory was nothing to write home about. Kenya was a thumping win and the win against Sri Lanka was brilliant but we should view the last 2 games as 2 defeats if we are stretching ourselves and really showing our standards for seriously challenging for that CWC title.

    Wasim Akram said the defeat against New Zealand has exposed the chinks in the Pakistan armoury and labelled Afridi’s captaincy as “erroneous”.

    In fact Imran and Wasim were both saying this when we were winning the 3 matches on the trot as well and you simply cannot agree more with them! Something like this was inevitable. It was a matter of time. This is not how a champion side operates and they are nowhere near full strength with the best possible mindset and combinations at the moment. All this nonsense for Afridi being an 'aggressive' captain is a really misleading term, his playing style maybe aggressive but as a leader he is nothing but the opposite. Has been good in patches every now and then, but plenty of times really questionable and clueless and he has missed opportunities to take the kill and really set the impetus both with his tactics and selection. Needs to get a serious grip, otherwise it could be Pakistan's downfall if and when they are knocked out. Desperate times require desperate measures.