Friday, April 1, 2011

The Asian Dream!

India have waited 28 years for this moment.

Sri Lanka have waited 15.

India got close in 2003 but failed at the final hurdle.

Sri Lanka got close in 2007 but failed at the final hurdle.

Both have seen Australia standing in their ways.

After approximately 12 years we will have a new World Cup Champion. Either India or Sri Lanka?

Two hosting nations battling it out for the big title!

Which team will be the first of the Asian teams to win the World Cup twice to join the Australians and West Indies who also fall under this golden category currently?

One thing is for sure. Only Australia, West Indies, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won the World Cup previously and we will not have a brand new winner for the first time. Only one of the 5 teams which have already won it will lift it again.

Tough luck England, South Africa and New Zealand who will have to wait another 4 years for the Australasian World Cup when another opportunity beckons. Neither of the other nations could accomplish their missions this time around either.

Prediction: The team which bats first will clinch it........

Proportions: 50/50 (sitting on the fence) but I am tipping Sri Lanka and secretly rooting for them! I initially predicted India will lift the World Cup Title so it's a win/win situation either way!

The teams have met 128 times in ODIs with India winning 67 and losing 50.

48/49 matches have been completed. NOW......

Time for the big one. Time for "D" day. Time for the moment of truth. Time for a winner. Time for a runner run. Time for a player of the tournament. Time for a Murali farewell. Time for a Sachin dream. Get this damn game started!

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