Friday, April 22, 2011

Should Afridi Be Sacked as T20 Captain?

-Afridi has won 1 out of his last 8 T20s as captain & that win was a dead rubber against New Zealand on Thursday December 30th 2010 when the series was already lost. Generally a very poor record for a team who were former champions.

-Since fully taking over the LO captaincy Afridi has won only 5/16 T20s as skipper including a gentle victory against Bangladesh.

-Pakistan might be missing players like Malik and Mohammad Aamir in the Twenty20 format who were instrumental in the 2009 triumph, but today West Indies were missing their star players & still got the job done AND also during the New Zealand series the Kiwis were without Vettori and Brendon but still successfully defeated Pakistan 2-1.

His personal performances in this format have not been up to the mark either & as matter of principle he has to take on the responsibility for the defeats being in the hot seat.

In this format specifically the 3 key requirements to be successful are: selection, strategy and form. All of these are in the hands of the captain & he has to be held accountable. He is by far the worst T20 captain Pakistan have had by a country mile. How one wished in an ideal world we had a "Younis Khan" like champion captain right here and right now! He was strategically & tactically outstanding.

From title holders to minnows.

Should Afridi be sacked as T20 captain?

Will Pakistan enter the next T20 WC with a new captain?


-Abdul Razzaq for T20 WC 2012. He will bat himself at number 3 guaranteed. He deserves the honour as a farewell. Razzaq is still part of the plans for T20 cricket. He wants to have a swansong next year. However, for ODIs he is finished. The T20 and ODI squad was announced together as one overall. Hence, he is not selected NOW but he is not totally out of contention. Think big!

-Imran Nazir. Captained successfully domestically & if they really think out of the box who knows.

-Misbah Ul Haq. Has captained once before in T20s internationally & Pakistan defeated Australia in the UAE. For the 2012 T20 WC he could be a very suitable & even idealistic choice to conclude his LO or even overall career.

Many more as well.........

Afridi's T20 record as captain is abysmal. He might have been one of the best T20 players in the world at one point and key in Pakistan's success in this format but he has now been a key factor for the decline and terrible dip in T20 form. If Pakistan are serious about winning the next T20 WC they must make a change. You simply cannot expect to do well in the tournament when you're going in with such a poor record under the given leader. A fresh and bold change might just be the magical spark in fortunes which are required. There are several options available. A youngster could captain & be the wiser option as it is 20/20 after all and generally a stage for youngsters to settle, impress and grow. There are several choices who could walk in this team who have proven natural "captaincy material" from the youth and first class circuit.

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  1. Yes he should be,We were a power house in the format before him and since he took over we haven't won anything.