Thursday, September 15, 2011

Misbah: The Perfect Role Model For Youngsters

Calling all young and aspiring batsmen: He is a top notch blocker and defender. He has a tight, neat and steady defensive technique. He presents the full face of the blade, gets behind the line, watchfully traps the movement and length and virtually kills it completely. It’s deadly hard to get one past him. This is the bread and butter of his game plan and an aspect where he is very firm, focussed, controlled & demonstrates his discipline, temperament, commanding structure and determination. This is helpful because it enables him to assess the pitch, conditions and bowlers, gather his thoughts, get his eye in, put a price on his wicket, occupy the crease, be patient and be prepared to sit in and overcome passages of play with utter concentration and application, set the platform, engage in frustrating mind games with the opposition in the sense he is showing a flawless approach and battling/digging in really hard to do the hardyards like a gritty workhorse. It places him in a strong position & frame of mind. He goes about his business in a systematic, organised, controlled, methodical and structured manner. He reads situations responsibly. He handles proceedings with perspective, nerves of steel combined with depth tactical awareness. He summarises situations efficiently. He has an advanced mindset for decision making credentials such as operating with a level of clarity, thoughtfulness and considering the wider picture as opposed to emotionally getting stuck and carried away in the moment. He is adventurous and doesn’t necessarily ploy the obvious or basic elements, but knows his plan and purpose for reaching the desired final outcome with thorough assessment, game awareness, and perspective along with consideration of the implications. His cricketing braininess is undisputable and he is the best when it comes to this. His composure and ability to react and respond when the going gets tough is so underrated. Unfortunately these elements of his game tend to go under appreciated and unnoticed with his unglamorous personality with all due respect to his highly credible stature both on and away from the playing fields. However, forget sponsorships and shampoo commercials. Performance is what makes you a complete and serious contender. He epitomises how with a strong sharp mind, study of opponents and pride for a sophisticated mindset can make your talent count with greater regularity. It’s a game in the MIND as much as it is to do with the SKILL.

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  1. Perfect role model for the youth. A great man that has restore respect to Pakistan after the shame in England.

    Then great results as an individual player and as a Captain.

    Makes you wonder, why so many Pakistani's don't like him, and instead prefer fools like Shahid Afridi