Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3 Review Update At Stumps

Good solid day in all seriousness. I said if we could be 400/4 at the end of the day that would be nice. Only lost 4 wickets in the day & yet we say it’s "pathetic?" The progress may have been slow but 357/5 is not bad at all. The pitch became slower and lower which has been acknowledged by the Pakistan batsmen themselves so it’s not been easy out there to score.

YK, an inexperienced keeper and the long tail to follow. All depends on YK & how he handles this responsibility. Hope he makes a century and carries the bat through. The bowlers will be better 2nd time around. More in it for Ajmal and Cheema will inevitably have his tail up following 4 late wickets in quick succession during the 1st innings.

Results Verdict on stumps at day 3?

Pakistan wins: 60%
Zimbabwe wins: 10%
Draw: 30%

Should target 500.

Ray Price reckons we will have a result here either way.

Big day for YK.

Ajmal said he has been working on his batting.

He could come useful today.

Posted at lunch on day 4

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