Thursday, September 15, 2011

Highest win/loss ratio in cricket history with a qualification of 10 matches

This includes matches against India, Australia and South Africa..cant argue with the records...

Lower ranked sides BUT Shoaib Malik led Pak to the 3rd highest consecutive ODI win tally of 12 in 07/08 and got plenty of credit. He was up against the likes of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe for 5 each in that and that too on home soil, but here we had a far more inexperienced side bowling wise and were playing all games on neutral or away territory which adds weight to the argument. Many records come against minnows, such is nature. How clinical we are against them is what matters. This record is about as good as it gets. We’d have been expected to lose at least 3 or 4 more games than just the 1.

‎4 against Zimbabwe AWAY
2 against Ireland AWAY
2 against West Indies
2 against New Zealand
2 against South Africa
1 against Australia (before he was full time captain)
1 against India (before he was full time captain)
Fewer losses, stability in the camp, more consistency

When I got Yuvraj Singh out in the semi final for a first ball duck it was a joyous moment. I was arguing with Shahid Afridi the ball before he came in about what ball to bowl. Shahid bhai wanted me to bowl a lengthy delivery and aim for the edge, but my heart was saying to bowl a Yorker. MISBAH was standing next to me and urged Shahid to let me go for the Yorker because of Yuvraj’s high bat lift. I knocked over Yuvraj with exactly that first up!” – Wahab Riaz
Fewer losses, stability in the camp, more consistency
Superb record and start to his captaincy
Tougher challenges lie ahead but for now let’s take a moment to give him the credit he deserves
He has a higher win/loss ratio than SKW who Imran Khan considered as one of the best tacticians in the game
He always was an ideal captain or born leader...always possessed captaincy material characteristics in the domestic circuit...always went about his business in an organised and systematic manner...Handled adversity analytically not emotionally...Had a statesmen like demeanour..ability to assess situations and make advanced considerate decisions of how to approach the game and consider the wider picture as opposed to simply employing the basic or obvious elements..was strategically strong & had depth understanding on the various technical aspects as well as the ability to guide fellow teammates and pass on suggestions..thrived with added responsibility…Unfortunately this is not always picked up by the fan base due to his understated and calm flowing personality..he’s not an in your face character who gets the limelight and attention..but he has a heck of a cricketing brain..not something u always tend to associate with Pakistan players..he is a rare breed…
This record is about as good as it gets
Couldn’t ask for much better or more……
Give me solid consistency, greater professionalism and a  trouble free environment over unpredictable aggressiveness combined with flair & excitement but continuous dramas to haunt and disturb the camp time and time again…..

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