Sunday, September 4, 2011

Misbah vs Bradman!

Pakistan Captain Misbah ul Haq has the highest % of 50+ scores by a captain who has had at least 10 innings. Misbah has scored 50s or more in 75% of his test innings since taking over the reins. That’s 8 half centuries and a century in 12 innings. Cannot argue with the stats. This is phenomenal. Don Bradman is next in line with a 55% 50+ record as captain.

Reply on fb: but he still is not a match winner in shorter versions of the game.....Inzi could accelerate at will and as required.....but he is far too cautious than he should be.....he has either a full block mode, or absolute slog mode.....he needs to pick up the balance between the two...for a smooth flowing innings..!

My reply: Urwa, interesting thoughts. Misbah has had an unbeaten stay at the crease on 17 occasions in ODIs and the team has won on 16 of those. He has scored 8 50s in the 2nd innings and on 6 attempts carried the bat with a 50+* and got the team over the line. 2 of them have been this year where he has been awarded MOM as well. His ODI SR is very well respectable & his average is exceptional. He averages 50 in the 2nd innings and had 12 unbeaten stays with the team winning each time. 75% of his ODI 50s have appeared during wins. Ultimately you should be judged in test cricket which is pinnacle of the game & many of these attributes also come in handy in ODI cricket as these players are more complete material with an advanced mindset and wider range of attributes. You need stability, a responsible and dependable operator and that extra professional element in ODIs too rather than having hit and miss players from 1 to 11.

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