Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoaib Malik – The Fielder

He is a very ordinary cricketer.

So limited with the bat. Vulnerable to sharp pace and movement.

Reluctant to bat up the order.

An absolute pie chucker with the ball. Help yourself time.

Was good in the Inzi/Woolmer days but never progressed and materialised.

Never been the same bowler since his suspect bowling action was reported & he wasn’t allowed to bowl the doosra.

His off field troubles speak for themselves.

However, he is a tremendous fielder, especially by Pakistani standards. A very cool and confident fielder under pressure. He’s quick across the turf and naturally very athletic. One element which is worth appreciating about him.

Personally I don’t rate him too highly neither am a I fan of him, but he has a buzzing presence as a fielder. Take nothing away on that note.

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