Friday, September 2, 2011

Tino Mawoyo

I was very unfamiliar with him. First time I have seen him bat. How impressive is he?

What a splendid effort. Batted out the whole day against a proper test side (they have a respectable ranking), inexperienced in the bowling and on a flat deck, but nonetheless he exceeded all expectations. Brilliant concentration, stamina, temperament & heart. Never easy in the humidity. He wasn’t overhauled by the opposition. Showed plenty of guts, determination, spirit and grit. Exactly what test cricket is about. Frustrating, tiring and getting into the skins and minds of the opposition. He is relatively new at this level, but showed composure and maturity.

Took full advantage of a 2nd opportunity after Sohail Khan spilled a sitter.

Excellent find for Zimbabwe.

Did well not to lose his wicket to Ajmal.

Tough one to dislodge. Made Pakistan work and toil.

Good to see the hosts showing some competitiveness.

Tino showing resistance and stability. Unbeaten over night.

Alan Butcher will be pleased.

273 balls and still going.............

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