Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brilliance From Pakistan Under Captain Misbah

Misbah over takes Zaheer Abbas as Pakistan's most successful test captain in terms of W/L ratio

He will be the 12th most capped Pakistan test captain by the end of the series out of 29 leaders

With 4 monumental and comprehensive test victories and 1 narrow defeat in 9 tests as captain he has achieved this feat

What makes it even more special is:

- He took over after the spot fixing scandal where Pakistan lost their 2 premier fast bowlers. He took over the leadership and helped keep Pakistan Cricket alive and well in its darket hour
- He hasn't played any test series on home soil or in the sub continent during the process
- He led Pakistan to 2 test series wins outside Asia. This is something they failed to achieve for 7 years in 2004-2010 under several different captains
- Before he took over Pakistan had lost 10 out of their last 15 tests all after the 2009 ICC T20 WC euphoria
- He has managed to captain for an extended period of time and hold on to the test captaincy for more than just a series or two. His previous 5 captains were unable to do that
- During the process he was nominated for ICC cricketer of the year. Considering Pakistan's relations over the last year with other international cricketing communities have been living on thin ice, this was a key achievement in re-establishing Pakistan's respect as a test force in challenging times
- He was awarded the overseas test cricketer of the year by a leading UK cricketing publication
- In 60% of his innings as test captain he has scored a 50+ score. Many times he was not out and given out wrongly when he did not.
- During his time as captain there has been stability and direction in the camp. No controversies which is highly refreshing
- He is in the top 6 leading test run scorers in 2011
- He has captained in 5 test series consecutively with an undefeated series record
- Pakistan stand a chance of registering the most test victories in the 2011 calendar under him with 3 tests to go.
- There has been continuity and consistency in batting performances. We have only played 7 different batsmen in the top 6 for the last 9 tests and there is a sense of responsibility and a settled camp. The batting line up is certainly solid and gritty. They value their wickets and can bat for an age to post large totals and wear out the bowlers.

Truly the Saviour of Pakistan Cricket

Personally, I have been following Pakistan Cricketing intensely since 2004 and I don't think I have come across a better captain to lead the team as far as personal form, statistical track record in results, stability in the camp and reputation and tactical credentials in knowing how to identify strengths and weakenesses and plan out the opposition with depth study and technical awareness.

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