Saturday, October 8, 2011

Predictions + Wants Against Sri Lanka

1) Not losing the test series. Not losing a test.

2) No controversies.

3) 3/6 LOI wins and therefore winning either the T20 or ODI leg of the tour.

4) Posting totals above 330 every time in the 1st innings minimum. Innings duration should be at least 125 overs.

5) 3 centuries from Pak preferably from Azhar/Asad.

6) Maintaining the Hafeez, Taufeeq, Azhar, YK, Misbah, Shafiq combination throughout the 3 tests successfully.

7) The tail WAGGING. Seeing totals of around 100+ for the last 4 wickets consistently.

8) Playing 2 specialist spinners in all 3 tests with the idea continuing to work as it has been doing. 25 wickets between them. Economy of below 3 combined.

9) Adnan – maiden test 50 and tidy before behind the stumps.

10) Seeing out around 4/5 full sessions in the series without losing a wicket. We will be on track shall this happen. Batsmen putting a price on their wicket and batting for long periods of time. Getting stuck in and digging in deep which they are fully capable with the current mould of players.

11) 2500 BF between numbers 3 and 6 in the 3 tests. Azhar Ali achieving a 750 BF as his speciality is his patience and grinding out the bowling. The middle order demonstrating their solidity, application and determination to spend extended periods of time at the wicket and work over the Sri Lankans with their discipline, mindset, attitude and mental toughness. Showing plenty of grit, stamina, concentration and resilience which are the leading strengths of this gutsy middle order. Working their socks off to frustrate and tire out to their opponents with their commanding structures and temperament. Giving them some tough days out in the field even if this means it won’t be the most eventful in terms of scoring. Basically, winning the sessions gradually by playing the hard fought waiting games as opposed to trying to play the enforcer role. That’s when they have been playing their best. I would like to see more of that here.

12) Several hundred partnerships/stands. More than the Lankans in this aspect.

13) Rehman racking up 40 maidens and keeping the Sri Lankans under control with his perseverance and nagging lengths.

14) 3 Pak batsmen scoring 300 odd in this series from the top 6. This will be another reflection that we are on track.

15) Herath having a SR in the 90+ region. Making him work and toil. Wearing him out. Reduce his impact and seeing him out. He is the dangerman and we will do well to keep him quiet from making inroads in the context of the match. Blocking him out firmly and watchfully to an extent where his wickets will barely have an impact in changing the complexion of the match. Making him bowl the marathon spells.

16) Captain averaging above 50 in the series. All the top 6 with averages of above 35. Hafeez is a concern, but could compensate for it if he chips in with the wickets and breaking partnerships.

17) Preventing Dilshan from averaging above 35 with bat and below 40 with the ball. Keeping their skipper on the quiet side of proceedings which will affect the team’s body language and emotions. Making life tough for the opposite number and going hard at him.

18) Preventing Jaya+Sanga putting on 150 together should the 2 bat together whereas Misbah and YK do as and when they bat together. These are the influential partnerships to break for both teams. Experienced and statistically high achieving batsmen who tend to bat well in pairs with their understanding of each other.

19) Taking more wickets combined than their pacers by a margin of around 5 at least. There is little doubt we have a stronger pace battery despite the losses of AA combo for obvious reasons.

20) Crossing 450 mark at least once during the series. Batting for the best part of 2 days when we bat first.

21) 50+ opening combo from openers at least twice during the test series and doing better than the Lankans in this aspect.

22) 50 from batsmen 8-11 at least once i.e. Wahab, Rehman.

23) Hafeez showing he is not a minnow basher throughout the course of the tour. Proving his credentials against his Asian rivals. Adding a few more to his 8 MOM tally this year.

24) Cleaning up their last 4 for approximately 60/70 consistently max during the tests.


25) Coming to terms with the new playing conditions in ODIs, especially the use of BPP between overs 15-40. Get a head start over other nations.

26) Posting an ODI total of 280+ during the series.

27) Average score of above 40 in BPP at the expense of 2 wickets most.

28) Malinga countering. Keeping him under 8 wickets during the 5 match ODI series. Using the depth in the crease, trapping the late swing, picking the slower ball, seeing him off in his initial spells not allowing him to settle or get his confidence high. Avoidance of a 2/2 which he is able to do frequently. Wahab to shatter the furniture more times than him during the series!

29) Winning an ODI by 100 runs or 5 wickets.

30) 45+ in first 6 during the 20/20 for a maximum of 1 down.

Tests Prediction

Most runs Pak: Azhar/Misbah

Most runs Sri Lanka: Sanga/Jaya

Most wickets: No idea but probably Ajmal

MOTS: A Pak 3-6 batsmen


Most runs Pak: YK

Most runs Sri Lanka: Thranga

Most wickets Pak: Wahab/Cheema

Most wickets Sri Lanka: Malinga

MOTS: Mohammad Hafeez/Thranga


MOM: Dilshan/Gul/Umar Akmal/Ajmal/Malinga

Most catches throughout tour by Pak player: YK/Misbah

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