Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Attempt To Digest Why Hafeez Is So Economical?

He bowls accurately and economically. He is a nagging operator. The control of line and length is formidable which is a key strength to his success. Generally the kink and pivot in his action enables him to pick up on any trigger movements from the batsmen and therefore can adjust his delivery accordingly. Hafeez bowls according to his field and gets the angles and positioning of where the fielders are placed inside the ring spot on, they are always on the 1 and on their toes. Hafeez tends to dart and drift the ball into the right handers with the odd one going straighter and skidding through. One every now and then turns back into the pads from just shorter of a length. These subtle variations are utilised very cunningly. Plus there is that element of doubt in the batsmen's minds perhaps in a bit of embarrassment that they don't want to get out to him considering he is not considered a front line option and the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th spin option at times. Basically he knows his role and responsibilities and bowls well within himself. A canny and underrated off spinner

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