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About Me
I am a student currently. I am a very enthusiastic and passionate cricket follower. I like to watch, play, read, write, recall past memories and gather statistical information about this great compelling sport. Away from cricket, I am interested in writing in general and also like to keep fit and busy through cycling, racket sports etc. I play league cricket in the summer and have played at high levels from a young age.
  A word on Pakistan Cricket....  
 I feel cricketers are Pakistan's leading ambassadors and a great way to unite the people, gain headline positivity in an age where Pakistan is in a state of political and social turmoil and also further develop the reputation and image of the country, it can be seen as an area of pride and identification. Therefore, I feel the performances and organisation of the board is of utmost significance. I am pleased to see the Pakistan team showing consistency, professionalism and stability nowadays and feel they have found one heck of a captain with strong man management credentials tactical awareness, calming influence/stabilising presence, utmost professionalism for a sporting gentlemen, extraordinarily consistent individual contributions, highly respectful reputation and advanced cricketing intellect to get the best out of his troops and key leadership qualities, they are definitely moving in the right direction.  I won't say this lightly, but I feel he is the sort of captain you get once in a generation. 2011 has been a tremendous year. The results are there for one and all to see.
Warne of Murali
I am going to be biased here and go with a leg spinner being one myself. Warne was a charismatic individual on the field. Warne was one of my all time favourites. His control and ability to extract sharp turn was formidable.  Some of the deliveries he produced throughout his career were just beyond imagination like the Mike Gatting ball in the early 1990s or the delivery to Strauss in the 2005 Edgbaston test match which both turned a considerable distance and made some fine top order batsmen look foolish. Murali was a terrific ambassador for Sri Lankan cricket and statistically is the world’s leading international wicket taker, but there will always be queries regarding the legitimacy of his action unfortunately. Murali was a humble individual both on and off the field and I am aware he has done a lot of good work for charities. Both were legendary performers, but personally Warne appeals to me more.

Younis or Yousuf

Younis. I feel he was a better overall package as a fielder, tactician, out and out team man, more hard working and was a more respectable role model for youngsters. Yousuf wins on style and classiness and has been a great servant, but he’s been involved in way too many controversies over the years. I am a big fan of YKs commitment, work ethic, fighting spirit and mental toughness. His catching is just outstanding and he has a smart cricketing brain when it comes to planning and identifying batsmen’s minds and how to manage proceedings. Purely on natural ability Yousuf is more gifted of the two. I have fond memories of YK lifting Pak’s first major title for 17 years on June 21st 2009 at the Mecca of the great game. Also, YK is one of 3 batsmen from his country who have produced a triple century which he achieved in his first test as full time captain. I was disappointed with his hot headedness in taking captaincy because on the field he was the real deal. One has to sympathise for the manner in which his team conspired and revolted against him after that Champions Trophy 2009 in South Africa.

Wasim or Waqar 
Wasim will be one of the first names I’d be putting on an all time world eleven. Wasim’s arguably the greatest Pak cricketer of all time, although the greatest captain was Imran without a shadow of doubt. Waqar was a demon too with that low round arm sling action and prodigious swing, he could produce bananas. Generally upcoming Pak right handed fast bowlers tend to prefer WY whereas the left armers idolise Wasim. Wasim knocked over Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis in that MCG 1992 WC final in successive deliveries with two beauties angling in sharply from around the wicket, they were unforgettable. In fact he was the MOM in the final. Between them they formed a destructive partnership and are in the top 2 leading ODI pace wicket takers of all time. As a commentator I prefer Waqar. I think he did a tremendous job as coach in challenging circumstances after the ill fated Australian tour where many players were either fined or banned.

ODIs or T20s
Tests. Pinnacle of the sport. The ultimate examination technically, mentally and physically. It separates the men from the boys. Enough said.  The amount of ODI and T20s being contested needs to be closely monitored before player burn outs can occur. There is almost a major ICC tournament every year now.

Worst Controversy Involving Pakistan From The Many That Have Been
Bob Woolmer’s death after the preliminary round elimination in the 07 Caribbean WC comes to mind. It was a real low point and the fact that the team were being considered suspects for his death at one point just made the whole episode extremely saddening.  There were many highs during his tenure, memorably beating England, India and Sri Lanka in 3 successive test series in the 05/06 season.

Future Of KP
Hopefully the site can continue to expand and develop and be recognised to many.

Message To Readers
Thanks for visiting, without them we wouldn’t be where we are now and do make sure you keep tuning in to KP for all the latest.

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