Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Which 2 associates will qualify for the 2012 ICC 20/20 WC?

Which 2 associates will qualify for the 2012 ICC 20/20 WC? The development of associates is crucial in enhancing the sport in other parts of the globe which is key to promoting the sport and making it more of a global spectacle with more countries participating and competing at the top level as well as getting new people into it and help them develop their understanding on the rules for example. So far each ICC World T20 has only had 12 teams participating with 2 associates getting an opportunity to qualify. The Sri Lankan hosted tournament which kicks off on 18th September 2012 will be no different with an initial 3 team preliminary stage followed up by super eights and then the business end of the tournament with semi finals and a final on Sunday 7th October in Colombo.

Associates Which Have Qualified In The Past

2007=Kenya and Scotland
2009=Netherlands and Ireland
2010=Afghanistan and Ireland

The qualification will be taking place in the first quarter of 2012 in the UAE with Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Kenya and Canada participating along with 10 other regional qualifiers with the best 2 getting a chance to get on that plane to Sri Lanka.

Prediction: Ireland and Canada

One of the successful associates will be joining Australia and West Indies in Group B whereas the other one will be joining England and India in Group A. Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe have already been decided to make up group C whereas Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh have been decided to make up the final group and it wouldn’t be wrong to say they have been paired in the group of death.

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