Monday, January 23, 2012

Ajmal on the Brink of Creating History in Abu Dhabi

Saeed Ajmal has 93 test scalps in 18 tests. A 7 wicket match haul in Abu Dhabi will give him 100 test scalps in 19 tests which is the fastest by a Pakistani. The all time fastest was 16 test matches. The current fastest by a Pakistani is joined between Waqar Younis and Mohammad Asif. The quickest by a spinner, a Pakistani spinner, was the inventive off spinner Saqlain Mushatq who got there in 23 tests as did Shane Warne. After claiming a formidable 10 for against a powerful batting line up in the 1st test in Dubai and full of form, confidence and motivation behind him, one cannot rule Saeed getting there in Abu Dhabi when the 2nd test commences on Wednesday. If he doesn’t get there in Abu Dhabi however, Saeed is surely still going to be the quickest Pakistani spinner to the feat and all time joint quickest by a Pakistani bowler alongside his former coach Waqar Younis and former teammate Mohammad Asif. The wicket in Abu Dhabi however is not really result orientated and provides less assistance to the spinners than Dubai. Nonetheless Ajmal showed in Dubai that he doesn’t necessarily need a helpful wicket to do the damage and make batsmen look foolish. The control, mind games and unorthodoxy is enough to create trouble for the batsmen who have to face the unique challenge of dealing with him. In all seriousness his threat and talent is of such that England will feel they are up against Shane Warne or Murali and will be feeling the greatest pressure since they last faced the two champions and all time leading test wicket takers who got over 700 scalps in the 5 day arena with endless 5 fors next to their name.

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