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KP Fantasy League for Pak-Eng Test Series

KP Fantasy League for Pak-Eng Test Series

The 3 match test series commences on the 17th of January from Dubai with the next one to be contested from the 25th in Abu Dhabi and finally the last of the 3 sees the series return to Dubai to conclude the 3 test series.  We at KP are running a fantasy league for this star marked series.

It’s a public competition with all welcome to join in and participate free of any costs at the following website:

Here is the step by step guide you have to take in order to successfully join:

1) Make an account if you do not have one already at the following link

2)  Click “Add Team” for this series

3)  Click “Modify Team” in order to select your eleven players

4) “User Competition Join”: public competition: look for KheloPakistan and “join” or enter just enter the pin: 1325622412

Select your playing 11 within the required budget.

You have _________ modifications which can be made in between tests

All modifications are free of charge before the toss in Dubai come the 17th

Rules include:

Test Matches

AreaScoring AreaPoints
Each Run Scored1 Point
Notes: None
Each Wicken Taken25 Points
Notes: None
Per Catch10 Points
Per WK Catch8 Points
Per Run Out10 Points
Per Stumping15 Points
Notes: If applicable all players involved in a run out score points.
50 Runs15 Points
100 Runs35 Points
150 Runs60 Points
200 Runs90 Points
250 Runs125 Points
300 Runs175 Points
4 Wicket Haul (Innings)35 Points
5 Wicket Haul (Innings)60 Points
6+ Wicket Haul (Innings)90 Points
10 Wicket Haul (Match)125 Points
Not Out5 Points
Notes: These bonus points are on top of the standard points. If a player took 5 wickets in a innings and then went onto take 10 in the match, you would score points for both achievements
Duck-10 Points
Golden Duck-15 Points
Bowler Concedes 100 to 129 Runs (Per Innings)-10 Points
Bowler Concedes 130 to 159 Runs (Per Innings)-20 Points
Bowler Concedes >= 160 Runs (Per Innings)-30 Points


We will update the league points at the end of the series to see who came out on top. Good luck to all. May the best selector win.

If you have any further queries regarding how to join or anything else related to the subject please do not hesitate to write in the comments below where we can assist you.

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