Friday, February 17, 2012

Umar Akmal Batting Position For ODIs

To those saying Umar Akmal needs to be promoted up the order:-

It's pretty logical to why he is batting at #6

1) Azhar Ali and Younis Khan are steady accumulators and therefore as they are in the starting XI they have to bat in the top 4 so they can set the platform with some solidity at the top, otherwise it's pointless asking them to play if they are going to be pushed down the order & asked to play catch up like explosive hitters

2) Umar Akmal has never batted above Younis and Misbah in an ODI and both these senior batsmen have a duty to lead by example. If Umar Akmal bats before them they will be accused of 'hiding behind youngsters' rather than taking on the responsibility themselves

3) At #6 Umar Akmal will be able to utilise the batting power play which is usually enforced on the team in the 36th over & this is a time he would usually be in if he is coming at 4 down

However, Umar Akmal has been batting in the top 4 in Twenty20s, but until the Younis - Misbah era is over there is no realistic chance that he will be pushed at the top of the order in the ODI format. Even after that, the likelihood is Shafiq and Azhar will be occupying the 3 and 4 spot with their batting styles. At best Umar Akmal coming in at #5.

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