Monday, May 14, 2012

Abdur Rehman Player Profile

A wily left arm spinner who bowls accurately & economically with nagging control, perseverance to keep plugging away on a line & length knowing the rewards will eventually pay off & the containment to keep the batsmen under pressure, controlling the flow of runs & keeping proceedings as tight as possible. Rehman’s bowling philosophy is built around bowling dot deliveries & maiden overs. There is a degree of repetitiveness about his bowling, comes in through the stumps, fires it in flat and straight, batsmen defends and it happens all over again. He will just keep on doing this in the hope & backing that batsmen will succumb to the pressure, resulting in a lapse of concentration. Rehman was the joint quickest Pakistan spinner to 50 test wickets, getting to the feat in 11 test matches. The Sialkot Stallion has claimed 2 MOM awards in test cricket during the Hamilton test in New Zealand in 2011 and almost a year later he did against England with his 4th innings heroics of 6/25 defending just fewer than 150 as the world number 1s capitulated to spin bowling of the highest order in the Middle East dessert. Often, described as an 'unsung hero' who will tie an end down reliably, but does not possess that WOW factor about his bowling to astonish the batsmen or viewers. Lastly, no mug in the batting or fielding department for that matter either, with a test match 50 under his belt against the South Africans. Not an easy bowler to score against or get away, but as his test record suggests he takes wickets while he’s at it with that canniness.

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