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Predictions and Wants in SA

Predictions & Wants in South Africa 2013
Setting sights a tad lower on this one given the toughness of the series
1)      To win a test or draw the series
2)      To win or draw at least 4/10 encounters in the full tour programme
3)      To not lost a test by over 200 runs or 8 wickets
4)      Azhar Ali scoring his first test century outside Asia
5)      Not get bowled out under 230 in the first innings
6)      Not get bowled out under 200 in the series
7)      To win the first innings in at least 1 of the 3 tests
8)      Having one of our players being MOM in the 3 tests
9)      To have 4 sessions full where we only lose 1 wicket or less through the course of the 3 matches
10)  8 scores of above 50 in the series from our batsmen
11)  One of our batsmen to play a 300+ ball innings
12)  3 centuries in the 3 games
13)  3 100+ stands
14)  8 50+ stands
15)  Maintain top 6 for the 3 tests, chopping and changing won’t help in such conditions, more continuity and stability
16)  2 of our batsmen in the top 5 leading run scorers, 2 of the batsmen scoring at least over 250 runs in the series
17)  1 of our bowlers in the top 3 wicket takers
18)  Highest tour wicket taker to be Saeed Ajmal out of either side
19)  Two 5 wicket hauls from our bowlers
20)  Not let South Africa score more than 450 in any of the 3 tests
21)  Younis Khan century to remind one all of his class during the test series
22)  Misbah ul Haq maintaining his 50+ test average as captain & registering a half century with a couple of 30s in the series at least, overall at least 3 half centuries in the whole tour for him
23)  Not allow Imran Tahir to take more than 8 wickets in the 3 tests, making him toil
24)  Steyn to have a strike rate of over 45, make him work for his wickets, even if he eventually takes them, not letting him be outright dominant
25)  65 maidens from the two spinners, Ajmal & Rehman in the 3 tests, at least keeping proceedings tight & not allowing the hosts to get away easily
26)  An ODI 80+ from one of our top 3
27)  Not get bowled out under 180 in the ODIs, avoid a shambolic batting performance
28)  Not allowing Dumminy or Rudolph score a half century in the test series
29)  Avoiding Kallis & Amla put on over 150 if and when they bat together, the key partnership to break
30)  Ajmal to have a strike rate of under 60, maintain his wicket taking potency and threat even in seaming friendlier conditions, even if he is not as dominant as he has been in the UAE
31)  To win at least 15 of the potential 45 sessions
32)  To bat for at least 100 overs in all of our first innings, wearing down the opposition & providing our bowlers with rest
33)  During the course of the series, bat for 135 overs in one of the innings & also post 350 plus
34)  Azhar Ali to show his defensive powers & endurance to face over 700 deliveries in the series
35)  110 balls faced from numbers 1-6 over the 3 tests minimum per innings on average, they will probably be on the back foot trying to rear-guard meaning solidity/resistance is a must
36)  Only lose a maximum of 8 wickets in P1 over the first 10 overs in the 5 ODIs, coming to grips with 2 new white balls at each end against a seam heavy attack is a must to be on track

Top 6 batting predictions
Hafeez = no 50s
Taufeeq = 1 century
Azhar = 1 century and 3 50s
Younis = 1 century
Misbah = 3 scores of 30+, including 1 fifty
Shafiq = 2 50s
Rest = no 50s

Overall Pakistan Tests

 Key young players: Junaid Khan
Key experienced players: Younis Khan & Taufeeq Umar

Key Batsmen – Azhar Ali
Key Bowler – Saeed Ajmal
Key Fielder – Younis Khan & Misbah ul Haq
Potential MOTS – Azhar Ali, Younis Khan

Overall Pakistan ODIs

Key Young Player: Hammad Azam (if selected)
Key experienced player: Misbah

Key Batsmen – Azhar Ali
Key Bowler – Saeed Ajmal
Key Fielder – Umar Akmal

Potential MOTS – Azhar Ali, Saeed Ajmal

Overall Pakistan T20s

Key young player – Raza Hasan
Key experienced Player – Mohammad Hafeez

Key Batsmen – Nasir Jamshed
Key Bowler – Umar Gul
Key Fielder – Umar Akmal

Tour Overall

Most runs = Azhar
Most wickets = Ajmal
Most catches = Misbah

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