Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bad Bad Day 4

The wicket was ideal; SA were a bowler down, our lot had a disastrous session. With the bat in hand on this tour we've either had a winning strong solid session of grinding out and accumulating steadily with only losing a maximum of 1 scalp (times 4) during it or have had a disastrous one where they’ve lost between 4 to 7 (times 4) wickets in quick succession.  If they could have avoided some of the more ‘disastrous’ sessions into ‘average’ ones, the visitors would have been better placed. 

Misbah was sweeping out of the rough and was taken at short fine leg when he could have kicked it away all day, gifted it away after scrapping hard for hours and it’s probably the worst shot he has ever played

Shafiq got a good one from Philander to break the last partnership with any degree of experience

Without covering the line Safraz was leaving one pitched in the foot holes and who leaves deliveries that are pitched in the rough by a left arm spinner who will always be turning it towards the line of the stumps from over the wicket? Instead you are supposed to be padding up to those deliveries by taking a big left stride or just letting it hit the pad once pitched outside the leg stump of a right hander if you are offering no stroke – School boy error 

Azhar lost his focus while wickets were falling at the other end and followed a typical Philander away swinger to nick off

Gul bagged his 3rd duck of the series by flashing at one without having a look

SA are 13-9 in sessions on this tour

1st test = 8-3 SA
2nd test = 6-5 Pak

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