Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Counter the Exceptional SA attack?

                   Plan to counter Dale Steyn
1)      Play closer to the body (hold the bat inside the line)
2)      Leave most deliveries outside the off stump which are shaping away, offer no stroke, get a feel of the pace and bounce of the surface. You should happily let it go by, however keep the bat close to you as a second line of defence if the inswinger darts back in so you have a chance of keeping it out if initially misjudged.
3)      Play with soft hands to avoid the edges carrying, strong top hand, weaker bottom hand
4)      Play it late, even when committing on the front foot
5)      Occasionally give him the walk to put him off guard rather than just letting him set you up. This requires bravery and courage when doing it vs a bowler with such pace, however this is why it's a test. When you are taking all the momentum forward it is natural to have a waft and start feeling for it outside the off stump with all the momentum taking you forward. You can also be bowled as you struggle to keep out the yorker if the bowler slides one in as you have less time to play. You need to have this in mind and only do it on the odd ball.
6)      If you keep fishing outside the off stump, take an off stump guard and leave anything outside the eye line. Make sure you get forward and the head doesn’t fall over to avoid LBW when Steyn bowls a straighter line if you are taking such a guard.
7)      If the balls are angling in before moving away with the new cherry or with the help of overcast conditions, open the blade, BUT only inside the line, not outside the line of the off stump as this is what the slip cordon and outswing bowler want to see.
8)      Be unflappable and ride your fortune, you will need it!

Plan to counter Morne Morkel

1)      Plenty of cutting. Taller batsmen can get on top of the bounce; shorter figures need to go up and over or offer no stroke
2)      Force him into bowling a fuller length, even dishing up the half volley which you can put away with a nice looking forward drive
3)      Look for nudge of the hip to get down the other end
4)      Confidently leave on bounce, even when the ball is pitched up
5)      Play the ball close to the body and get behind the line with a high left elbow when playing the backfoot defence
Plan to counter Veron Philander
      1)      Get forward and play with soft hands
      2)      Give him the walk from time to time and don’t bat  too deep in the crease as he doesn't have as much pace
      3)      Keep your focus and concentration because at times he appears innocuous, but just does enough to find the edge

Plan to counter left arm spinner
1)      Block him all day or smash him out the park, whatever you do don’t be half hearted in approach and do it with intent, can ill afford to give him wickets after surviving the hard yards against the seamers
2)      Don’t close the face of the blade early as he gets the odd ball to dip and spin away
3)      Repetitive, patient, endless forward defences will automatically earn the bad ball such as the full toss or half tracker, his control will be tested
4)      Don’t play for the spin, generally play straight for the arm ball drifting in and straightening

Plan to counter Kallis

1)Play back and from the crease unless it is really full so you can drop the hands and sway out of the line when the bouncer arrives
  2) See him off and avoid any degree of complacency, he is a cunning operator with a wealth of experience

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