Saturday, April 27, 2013

Targets for CT13

Win all games leading up to the tournament including warm ups
Bowl out an opposition twice during the CT
Don't get bowled out more than once in the CT, don't get bowled out in the group stage games
Post 260+ in one of the games
7 50+ scores in the CT
2 players in the team of the tournament
Get to the semi final and win it for a change
Don't get bowled out under 180 in the CT
Don't get under 230 in the CT group games if batting first
Win at least 3 out of a potential 5 games in the CT
Avoid any of the shenanigans that have been associated with previous Pakistan visits to the UK
Win a game by at least 5 wickets or better in the CT or 80 runs
3 MOM awards in the CT out of a potential 5
Win the group
Don't get thrashed by 6 wickets or 50+ runs in any of the group games, ensuring decent NRR position

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