Thursday, January 13, 2011

Justice will prevail

Whether the Pakistan trio is guilty or not is still up for debate (for me at least, but most of you have made up your mind) but the deferment of the ICC verdict can be beneficial in the long run for Pakistan cricket. If a decision had been taken in haste without putting much thought into we could have possibly seen a couple of life bans and a 5 year or longer ban for Aamir.

What the postponement tells us is that the ICC is not willing to destroy the career of the 3 players but in fact is willing to listen to the suggestion of Mohammad Aamir’s lawyer, by carefully deliberating over the case before passing the judgment and potentially leading to small time bans/fines.

Missing the World Cup is a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it makes sure that (if the players are innocent) they will be available for selection as soon as possible.

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