Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yasir Arafat Interview

Yasir Arafat, the Pakistani seam bowler who has been a key member of past tours was interviewed by a friend of mine called Shaikh Zain who is an administrator of a Pakistan Cricket Team Fan Page on Facebook which is closely affiliated with this blog.!/pages/Pakistan-Cricket-Team/199312210647

Yasir Arafat was at my place yesterday (26-01-2011) had a great time with him. He was not allowed to give a video interview by PCB, so I asked few questions which were post by some of our members in the group and ofcourse MAAZ and Kalim Khan also posted their Questions too. The members include:

Faran Ghumman
Zeeshan Ahmed
The Interview:

Shaikh Zain [SZ]: Yasir bhai thank you so very much for time you taken out for the dinner. As you know im the admin of the Pakistan Cricket team page on facebook along with KK and Maaz, there are some questions asked by our members and would like to know about yourself.

Yasir Arafat [Y.A]: I would love to answer them “minus” anything about PCB which im not allowed.

S.Z: You’ve done brilliant in domestic matches and as a result you were the highest wicket taker in the T-20 Format. Why are selectors ignoring you?

Y.A: There are lots of reasons and as I told you im not allowed commenting about anything regarding PCB. But I believe in Allah and jo Allah ki marzi ho.

S.Z: This season, Rana was signed by Sussex and how about you?

Y.A: Surrey approached and today they confirmed the media. Before leaving to England, I’ll be joining South Africa for a week to play T-20 league for Dolphins on feb 2nd along with Hashim Amla and Imran Tahir.

S.Z: What do u think about Imran Tahir?

Y.A: We’ve played together in under 19 and few league matches. Goras never approach asian players to play for their national side but imran tahir is a fantastic bowler and dangerous for the opposition team and as a result of his ability he is now playing WC for S.A.

S.Z: You’ve played under waqar, Inzi, Younis, malik, and Afridi. Under whoz captaincy you’ve enjoyed a lot?

Y.A: I think each of the above captains were different and great in many ways. I actually loved playing under Younis Khan. Brilliant and intelligent.

S.Z: Which county stint you enjoyed the most?

Y.A: Sussex, brilliant and great team mates.

S.Z: Your prospects of playing for the national side again?

Y.A: Performances in domestic and county seasons will INSHALLAH help me to be in national side again.

S.Z: Your Role Models growing up?

Y.A: Imran khan as a cricketing role model and Waqar younis as a bowler.

S.Z: Your Great achievements up till now?

Y.A: Representing Pakistan itself is a great achievements but recently I was booked in gunnies book of world record, 90 wickets in 69 matches which is the achievements which I will never forget.

S.Z: Your Views about the captaincy policy and WC?

Y.A: Zain you will put me in trouble as I told you I can’t comment on PCB issues. But I would want Afridi to take charge atleast for the WC. But this is Pakistan everything is Possible [Laugh]. Play with unity and concentrate and give 100 percent will make us qualify for semi finals. I wish them Best Of luck.

S.Z: Your Close friends in Pakistan national side and who has helped you most in your family?

Y.A: IM very close to Shoiab Bhai [Shoiab Akhtar] along with Younis, Malik, and kami.
My father helped me a lot and still supports me for every single match I play.

S.Z: If given a chance, which batsman would you like to bowl most?

Y.A: I would love to bowl Saeed Anwar, Majid khan and Viv Richard and ofcourse Sachin Tendulkar.

S.Z: Were You named after Palestine Leader [ Yasir Arafat]

Y.A: [ Smiles] Yes that is right.

S.Z: Yasir bhai anything to your fans?

Y.A: Thank you very much for supporting me and keep praying for me and Pakistan. And I would like to add something. Ive got no id on facebook. So guyz better don’t follow that fake Yasir Arafat.

S.Z: Yasir bhai, on behalf of our admins and members of Pakistan Cricket team, we wish you a very best of luck for future and hope to see you soon in the national side.

Y.A: Thank you very much

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