Thursday, February 24, 2011

Misbah's ODI Comeback

Misbah's scores since his return in the ODI side
50, 35, 93*, 25, 100, 25, 65: Average: 56

For someone who's career started so late and has been so short, Misbah has accomplished a lot and been an inspirational figure who has regularly produced the goods and been a great servant in the dressing room with his experienced presence, tactical expertise and calming responsibilities. Arguably our best batsmen at the moment? We should all rate and acknowledge his credentials as reasonable and unbiased people. He has been an influential member in the team success, during 2007 and ever since his comeback following him being named as Test Captain, it has been second to none.


  1. 65 average Maz, you sold him short! I've always been a fan of his :) Keep out of trouble, intelligent, talented and takes care of himself physically.

  2. Very well noticed! I forgot to take that 'not out' into consideration. Yes, I am a big supporter and rate him highly. A real given asset for the team. The best is yet to come. Really proud and lucky to have such an individual in our side. I hope we are able to find more like him in future generations. I do think he will be remembered as a talented high achieving batsmen and more so as an excellent captain and tactician. He knows how to handle proceedings and read match situations better than most people. He has a good 3 years left in him and deserves it to considering the form, fitness and the unfair and tough way he was treated throughout his career. We could really benefit from his services and presence. For now, he is our best batsmen in the team. I see a bit of Mike Hussey in him.

  3. Yeh. I reckon he'll be involved in our cricket a long time afterwards too. But these are the type of guys we need. We don't want leeches, old fogies who are talentless.