Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gul or Riaz?

Similar type of bowlers..Not ideal opening bowlers...hit the deck stuff and specialists at the death

No mugs with the bat in hand either.

Both around the same age.

Key bowlers for Pakistan in current era.

Who is better?

Riaz has an extra yard of pace

He can reverse the ball more prodigiously when he gets it right

Has more variation is his armoury

Performed better on the bigger stage..has nerves of steel

Gul is more consistent with getting the ball in the block hole in the latter stages of the innings

He isn’t anywhere near as wayward in terms of wides and front foot no balls

Riaz seems to have more venom and firepower about him although he can send down stinking erratic filth too frequently

Batting wise Riaz edges it

From what we have seen Riaz seems to be a better option, but it’s still early days in his career. Gul is still a top class fast bowler when on song nonetheless and right up there with the likes of Malinga, Steyn, Zak even. I have higher hopes for Wahab, but he is one of those bowlers whom with you never know whats coming your way.

Hopefully both step up after serving their rest for the Zimbabwe tour

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