Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Misbah vs Hussey ODIs

For those that argue against Misbah as an ODI player here is the ultimate analysis comparison between him and Michael Hussey. In 2nd innings chases Misbah Ul Haq has had 12 "not outs" in 32 innings. All of these "not outs" have been in matches which Pakistan have gone on to win. Michael Hussey on the other hand has 16 "not outs" in 38 innings batting 2nd. Misbah averages 50 batting 2nd whereas Hussey averages 43. Misbah has scored 8 50s batting 2nd whereas Hussey has scored 6 50s batting 2nd. 12 out of Misbah's 16 ODI 50s have been during wins whereas 19 out of 35 of Hussey's 50s have been in wins. In T20 WCs Misbah has played in 2 T20 WC finals whereas Hussey has just played the 1. Misbah has won the T20 WC with his country whereas Hussey has not. Just a reflection that Misbah is a high class professional, dependable batsmen, genuine match winner & finisher for Pakistan that people do not appreciate and tend to forget on the whole as he is an understated figure as he is not really a stylist or central media attraction within his nation. Both him and Hussey are comparable because they both are known as finishers for their respective teams, known for their cricketing intellect/braininess with the manner in which they assess situations & manage proceedings with perspective, clarity, awareness, thoughtfulness, structure, temperament & composure as well having formidable track records across all formats of the game and starting their career late, but achieving plenty in proportion to the time they have played. The Mr Cricket of Pakistan is the one and only 37 year old MBA graduate we have. May he maintain his excellent track record as a player in the 2011/12 international season and beyond.

Misbah has scored 8 half centuries in the 2nd innings. 6 out of those times he has been undefeated with a 50*+ and obviously each time got the team over the line when he has done that. The Mohali semi final and one match against Sri Lanka being the rare occasion where in the 2nd innings he scored a 50 and was unable to take the team over the line. Both times he was out though. Twice this year he has been MOM chasing during difficult circumstances. His 2nd innings record in ODIs is excellent and makes him one of the best chasers in current era. Hussey for sure is the better batsmen, but if there is one Pakistan batsmen who can be compared to the role he plays and statistically be similar in that position it is Misbah. Make no mistake about that. He is a solid batsmen, smart operator, consistent performer and has that sense of “commanding structure” at the wicket where he puts a price on his wicket, stamps his authority & goes about his business in a methodical and sensible manner.

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