Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Imran Farhat-Why The Exaggerated Hatred?

I wouldn’t have selected Imran Farhat to wear the green shirt again. I am not one of his fans. Early in his career he showed potential, but he has never kicked on and fulfilled it after repeated opportunities. However, if we look at his recent domestic showings it will hard to argue against his selection for the Zimbabwe tour to start off with. The bat has done the talking. Plus what Pakistan has lacked is a left hander in LOIs and Farhat can also be a useful leg break bowler when required so maybe this came into consideration. It would be sickening to see him playing test cricket again, but in LOIs his record is pretty respectable and if domestic form is the criteria for selection then he fits the deal. It wasn’t too long ago when he was opening with Imran Nazir for Lahore Badshahs in the ICL that people genuinely felt that this should have been Pakistan’s opening combination. We have seen the likes of Mohammad Hafeez who struggled time and time again on the international scene after several comebacks finally become a settled player and avail  his opportunities sensationally well so who knows what might happen ahead. Perhaps Farhat will surprise. Below is his domestic performance in the recent competitions where he was one of the stand out performers. Pretty good isn’t it?

Records /Faysal Bank One Day National Cup Division One, 2010/11 /Most runs

1)      Imran Farhat: 476 runs. 2 100s, 2 50s. 7 innings. Average 79.

Records /Faysal Bank Pentangular Cup, 2010/11 /Most runs

8) Imran Farhat (highest from Punjab side): 292 runs, 1 100, 2 50s, 6 innings, average 49.

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