Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spot Fixing Scandal - A Year On

It’s been exactly a year since the NOTW publications regarding the spot fixing scandal were revealed. It was this weekend last year. A gloomy day at Lords in more ways than one as Michael Atherton mentioned on commentary on the final day of the test series when the players made their way out to the middle on the back of high suspiciousness.

Pakistan didn’t even bother going out to train that morning, the situation got so bad. An unforgettable history which damaged the game and country’s integrity. An all time low for the cricket mad nation.

Since that date the former captain has been providing punditry on television which undoubtedly was shameful and sickening enough considering here was a guy who sold out his country’s name and is able to attract attention and air his views publicly, despite the hot water he was standing in and the damage he has done.

Since then Mohammad Amir has appeared for Addington CC in the Surrey league and faced the chance of having his suspension extended as this was against the boundaries of his ban, however recently he has escaped further punishment, despite the breach. Nonetheless he has been warned severely.

Since that date the trio obviously have never appeared for their country again, received minimum 5 year bans all around which was the outcome of the hearing in Doha in February, been banned from playing domestic and club cricket associated with respective country boards and face an ongoing criminal trial in court which they have been busy preparing for. Could Pakistan cricket get any lower?

However, in perspective there is of course the argument that this was a minor victory for the game in the sense that awareness was raised, realisation began to kick in & serious measures could be adopted to prevent these things from occurring in the future. It was a wakeup call for governing bodies, fellow players, fans in denial and authorities. Hopefully things can only get better from here on in and the the lowest times have past for this beloved game we all so passionately follow.

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