Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pakistan undefeated for 4 consecutive test series

Drastic progress and stability especially in the batting department and captaincy

In the last 11 test innings we have posted scores in excess of 340 on 6 occasions

We have a solid, dependable, settled, gritty, in form and determined batting line up. Really looks like a “proper” test line up who can spend extended periods of time at the wicket, make the bowlers toil and take the innings to at least 125 overs+. There is discipline and responsibility

Have vast depth in the batting: Rehman, Tanvir Ahmed, Wahab Riaz

Got a good slip cordon with YK, Misbah and Taufiq. How they were missed in England 2010.

Have not been bowled out looking to save a match on a day 5 pitch on 3 occasions

Have had victory margins of 180+ runs or at least 5 wickets on 3 occasions

Have had some quality spin bowling performances from the likes of Ajmal, Rehman, Hafeez

Posted Pakistan’s highest ever 4th innings total against South Africa

Pakistan’s test side are looking significantly stronger in comparison to a year or so ago

If we don’t lose against Sri Lanka and England that will be superb.

I am confident we won’t.

Continuity with openers. 7 tests without changing the opening combination. 4 series that is. Taufiq+Hafeez way to go.

I don’t look too much into the defeat in Guyana because no Pakistan player had played on Caribbean shores before in that test. YK was absent. The wicket was extremely challenging & we were always on the back foot having to chase in the 4th innings. During many junctions of the game we dominated. Had them 9 down for approximately 200 on day 1 and went into day 4 requiring 139 with 7 wickets in hand. The margin of defeat was narrow and we bounced back convincingly to square the series and thrash them in St Kits during some difficult batting conditions on the opening day and still claimed 20 wickets on historically one of the flattest wickets around.

Hopefully I would like to see Shafiq played ahead of Umar Akmal in the UAE.

Line Up Should Be:

1) Hafeez
2) Taufiq
3) Azhar
4) Younis
5) Misbah ©
6) Asad
7) Adnan (WK)
8) Rehman
9) Wahab
10) Ajmal
11) Cheema

Back Up: Umar Akmal, Tanvir Ahmed, Junaid Khan, Manzoor

Reply via PP: as mentioned previously, our batting strategy needs a serious overhaul and I am glad Waqar will no longer be around as the coach so hopefully we'll see more purposeful & fluent batting performances in test cricket rather than slow, lethargic ones...and I am referring to innings building ability of our line up...

our top 3 need to improve against spinners as our next 3 series will feature quite a few of them...

Me: I am not worried about the pace we score. 360 all out in 134 overs vs 224 all out in 63.4 as we have usually seen Pakistan over the years with all these flashy or attractive one day stroke makers in the line up who did not know how to put a price on their wicket and were involved in embarrassing dismissals without spending much time at the wicket. I know which one I’d prefer. Additionally, there will be many draws this winter so needles to get too far ahead. There will be scenarios in where only 3 or 4 wickets will fall in a day’s play so emphasis will be on defending and surviving. We might only get 1 result in a series of 3. That’s how Nasser sees it. At times you can’t afford to go too hard on a flat deck and lose your wickets. It opens up more time for the opposition to enforce a result. Seeing out play & taking up time is the way they will go and should go barring Hafeez who will play his shots regardless.

Team Misbah 1st Innings Record

248 95 overs

434 144 overs

367 121 overs

376 133 overs

160 65 overs

272 110 overs

466 156 overs

Average Score: 332

Average Innings Duration: 118 overs

RR: 2.8

Pre Misbah

258 (99 overs)

333 (97 overs)

301 (106 overs)

148 (41 overs)

258 (65 overs)

182 (54 overs)

72 (40 overs)

308 (100 overs)

74 (33 overs)

Average Score: 214

Average Innings Duration: 71 overs

RR: 3

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