Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Azhar Ali After 13 Tests

Chirpy lad at silly point and short leg. Is a definite vocalist in the field.

Test Match batting average of 38 after 13 tests.

9 50s in 25 innings.

7 50s in his last 13 innings.

5 50s in wins.

4 50s in draws.

The team has NEVER lost when he has made a noteworthy contribution.

Had only 5 losses in 13 tests played (4 of them being played in England 2010)

PCT have only lost 1 out of 6 test series he has played in. Drawn 3. Won 2.

Hope he gets a go in the ODI series which starts on the 8th at Bulawayo.

This time next week could be emerging player of the year!

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