Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 10 Best Wickets From Pakistan In The 2 Tests Against Sri Lanka

JK to Prasana: After taking his first wicket of the series a few ball before with a gem from around the wicket to find the edge which was taken in the slip cordon, JK had his tail up and produced a close to unplayable delivery to the incoming batsmen which was fast, full, straight and directed right in the block hole. He was completely castled whereas JK was ecstatic. The striker was unable to react and dig it out. It was a surprise delivery and it totally mesmerised him.

JK to Dilshan: This was significant because of the catches which were put down earlier in the day; nonetheless Junaid kept his cool and kept running in and giving it his all. The pressure was mounting with a string of dot balls from disciplined bowling and with the attacking player that Dilshan is he just wants a piece of the action and something will have to give sooner than later. Eventually Dilshan attempted an expansive drive, but the ball nipped back and found the way through from around the wicket. Junaid was fired up. Eventually he was rewarded.

Azhar Ali to King Sanga: Misbah was gasping for a wicket after 2 sessions where they toiled unsuccessfully, but Azhar, a part timer struck on the brink of tea to break the shackles and bring the hosts back in contention after proceedings were drifting towards a draw. It was a beautifully pitched leg spinner which beat Sanga in his forward prod. There was little doubt from the umpire and the long vigil from Sanga finally came to an end courtesy of this bowling change. It was Azhar’s maiden test scalp. Incidentally, Azhar started his List A career with back to back 5 fors as a specialist spinner.

Gul to MJ: MJ started his 3rd knock of the series with a 2 through mid wicket and mid on, a leave on bounce outside the off, a streaky 4 where he pushed with soft hands and beat the gully region and then nicked off with some tentative footwork to a delivery shaping away in the corridor of uncertainty. Gul had the better of the big fish to claim his 3rd of the morning as Captain Misbah caught him in first slip.

JK to Matthews: Matthews was looking to walk down the track in order to negate the swing and movement and distract the bowler, but he fished at one on the brink of lunch with one which was shorter of a length and had some extra bounce which he was trying to steer away. Junaid kept coming at him and never allowed him to settle and eventually he got his man to give Adnan his first dismissal of the test as Sri Lanka lost their 5th.

Ajmal to Para:
Para had really got going to keep Sri Lanka interested after conceding a deficit of 164. He kept his head down and made the bowlers work and it took a flighted delivery from Ajmal to produce the edge and see the back of him. There was a hint of turn as he drew him forward and found the edge which YK held in slip. Ajmal picked up his first of the innings whereas Sri Lanka lost their 5th and more importantly their set batsmen.

Ajmal to Prasad:
Ajmal changed his angle to around the wicket and bowled one which angled across the number 8 right hander with some skid, zip, bounce and revs to find the edge which Adnan caught behind. The right hander was forced to playing from the line of attack as the ball could easily have turned back or gone straight on to trap him LBW. This was the start of the 1st of 11 to follow as the unconventional off spinner got into the action.

Ajmal to MJ: MJ had just struck a beautiful on drive with the spin a few deliveries before, but was looking to follow it up soon after with another scoring stroke, but this time through the off side, but the ball was a tad fuller than expected and turned back to expose his stumps and Ajmal was on his bike to celebrating. This was his only one of the innings, but a special moment.

Gul to Para: On the very first ball after fielding for 170 overs Para was given the long walk back to the pavilion with a swinging delivery to trap the left handed opener in front.

Ajmal to Walegradra: Continuous dot ball were piling up the pressure and the amount of faith the number 10 had in the number 11 was up for debate, but Walegradra was desperately searching for a 50 and Ajmal denied him. The number 10 was standing on 48*as the tail wagged, but just could not get the ball away when the last wicket stand was happening and decided to dance down the track, but was typically beaten by an Ajmal doosra which had dip, bite, turn, bounce and skid to result in a stumping and the conclusion of Sri Lanka’s innings as they were bowled out for a below par 239.

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