Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Take On Court Proceedings

Seriously? Only 4 years behind bars combined for the trio which committed the biggest sporting crime on English soil. They can consider themselves relatively lucky for receiving a lighter sentence. The funny thing is there were fans and followers who were continuously in denial and coming up with conspiracy theories from the British to destroy Pakistan Cricket, despite the overwhelming evidence which was crystal clear from day 1 and more than ever on Saturday February 5th when they received hefty bans by the ICC after the hearing in Doha. Last September Rameez Raja gave a telephonic interview in which he labelled Salman Butt as a “liar” and even he was getting serious flack from some of the emotional side of the fan base. They were pretty much guilty as sin from day 1 and it was only a matter of time before they would face the consequences. It’s beyond belief, that some people just care about having a superior bowling attack rather than keeping the integrity and fairness of the game in check which is the fundamental issue for us to be able to value what we are watching.

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