Monday, December 12, 2011

Most Test Wins As Pakistan Test Captian

How far further can Misbah climb up the ladder? Only 7 captains out of 29 who have been handed the leadership have won more tests as Pakistan captain and a few them are shady characters linked with deliberately throwing matches i.e. fixing. Out of the lot, Misbah has the highest W/L of 6.0 and only Imran has a higher difference between matches won and lost by just 1 higher than Misbah. Out of the 7 after Imran he is the 2nd most ‘well rounded’ in terms of off field accomplishments and the ability to speak diplomatically and present a thorough professional account of his side. A series draw against England will ensure Pakistan have had their longest undefeated test series streak since the 1980s and 2nd longest ever, however with 3 consecutive test series wins one cannot rule out a 5th test series win as captain against the number 1 ranked test side either which surely will be a fitting legacy to his golden run as Pakistan captain. Ramiz Raja surely did well to recommend him for the job after the tour of England in 2010 when Pakistan required an honest,educated and experienced captain. (Written by Maaz - ace backer of Misbah as a player and captain)

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