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Quotes on Misbah

“He has a statesman like demeanour. He has the best cricketing brain and intellect in the country. He has a rare quality which so many Pakistani captains have lacked with that he handles adversity analytically and not emotionally. He is a clear winner; note his outstanding domestic record as captain. A very suitable candidate to repair the damage Ijaz Butt and some players have done with the international cricketing community. Ideally he should have been appointed captain 6 years ago” : Geoff Lawson in October 2010

“Youngsters are benefiting from Misbah’s professional approach”: Mohammad Akram September 2011

“Misbah is very wise and is handling things very well”: Wasim Akram (December 2011)

“Misbah deserves credit for the recent success of the team”: Basit Ali (October 2011)

“Brace yourself. Barring injury or something drastic between now and the end of the England tour Misbah would have led in 15 tests straight. That is a record only bettered by Waqar and Inzamam as long as the days of Imran and Miandad. How would he have managed this period of unimaginable stability? I’m still unsure and how would he have managed it to the extent that no one thought was possible” – Osman Samiuddin. (November 2011)

“He has one of the best techniques in the world when it comes to defending watchfully and tightly prodding forward against spinners with bad pads around”: Waqar Younis (November 2011)

Maravan Atapattu: “Best Pakistan team since the team with the 2 Ws” (November 2011, when Misbah was captain)

“This is the best Pakistan team I have played in” – Younis Khan (November 2010)

“Misbah saved Pakistan cricket, In this melee, entered Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s go to man at the age of 37. Why the nation’s most naturally gifted cricket captain since Imran Khan has stayed on the sidelines for so long is an intriguing question. Great credit should be given to him though, for he has gradually becalmed a swirl-pool of ill-discipline and inconsistency marring Pakistan cricket for so long. ” – Saifur Umair from Express Tribune

“There is calmness and brightness when Misbah is at the crease”: Ramiz Raja

“Misbah is Pakistan’s best player and he should be batting in the top 4”: Imran Khan

“Misbah deserves the credit for uniting this broken team”: Aamir Sohail (March 2011)

“The Misbah question is why there is a question? Pakistan undefeated in a test series since the shameful tour of England. Away wins against New Zealand and Zimbabwe, draws against South Africa and West Indies. And a ‘home’ success against Sri Lanka. A sequence of results which exceeds expectations. As a captain Misbah has the 2nd highest average by a captain after Don Bradman (minimum qualifications of 10 tests). Why the murmurings of discontent” – Kamran Abbasi (November 2011)

“He is calm, disciplined and calculated” – Waqar Younis (November 2010)

“Misbah should be appointed test captain” – Ramiz Raja (October 2010)

“Misbah is an educated person and has the respect of the team” – Younis Khan (December 2011)

“Misbah should captain Pakistan in the World Cup” – Abdul Qadir (pre 2011 CWC)

Rameez pointed out that like him, Misbah had done his MBA and given a new lease of life to his career at the age of 33, when most contemplate retirement."I admire that person who is respected in the dressing room. I don't bother about what he does off the field in his spare time. But at an age (33) when most people think about retiring, Misbah has shown strength of character by excelling at the top level and surprised everyone with his performances," Rameez said. (2008)

"I have to give full credit to Misbah as he has stabilised the team and leads from the front. His performance is also outstanding. He makes the boys feel comfortable and relaxed so they actually enjoy their cricket. He is mature and willing to listen. The only unfortunate thing is the age factor which is not in Misbah's side." - Waqar Younis (2011)

"His brain works like a computer" - Sunil Gavaskar (2007)
"This man has nerves of steel under pressure" - Ravi Shastri
"I've said this before, I was asked about Misbah before the [2011] World Cup on who should be captain, and back than I was quoted as saying Misbah should be captain. A lot of people went to Shahid [Afridi], said a few things, saying “Azhar said Afridi shouldn't be captain”. I had a reason for saying it – the reporter I was talking to, I was just chatting with him like a normal person talks to another. What I said was “The World Cup is a big competition. Therewill be a lot of pressure on Afridi, and he is a match-winner. Afridi should just concentrate on his game. If he does concentrate on his game, he will win us matches. If he has the pressure of captaincy, then he will have the captaincy, the media pressure, handling the team and also his own performance. There will be so much pressure on him, and it will affect his performance.”From that point, I said Misbah should be made captain, Misbah is a very sensible individual, whereas Afridi is a little hyper. And he can't control his emotions in the way Misbah can, which is there for all to see. " - Azhar Mahmood (Decmber 2011)

"Misbah is calm and composed, tactically astute and, every now and then, willing to gamble. Not long ago, Pakistani observers were convinced he could not re-enter a middle order populated by talented newcomers. Now fans are ruing the fact that he is already 37 and won't be around for much longer" - Saad Shafqat

"Misbah may have copped a lot of criticism for his painfully slow batting in ODIs, but he still averaged above 50 with 9 fifties in 2011. His slow approach may not be suited to the modern demands of the game, but he ensured that the word 'collapse' was taken out of the equation when Pakistan were playing." - One of Cricket's most leading sites across the globe.

"Younis and Misbah have set high fitness benchmark" - MKH Oct 2011

Responsibility. Some thrive on it, others crumble under its weight.
Being made captain of an international cricket side is certainly a responsible position. Being made captain of Pakistan in the wake of the Lord’s spot-fixing scandal that had consumed the previous skipper Salman Butt had even more responsibility attached to it.
Such was the burden placed on Misbah-ul-Haq’s shoulders.
Pakistan could easily have imploded. But it didn’t and Misbah must take a lot of credit for that.
At the Reverse Sweep, we find it absurd that Misbah attracts so much criticism from Pakistan cricket followers on blogs and Twitter. - November 2011

Kudos for the current Pakistani resurgence, though, goes primarily to Misbah, whose calm leadership and even calmer batting have lent stability to the most storm-tossed vessel on the high seas. The contrast to his disgraced predecessor could hardly have been starker. Among the new, true allrounders - i.e. those picked across all three formats - none averaged more than his 57.20. The first 40-year-old national skipper since Imran Khan? Don't put it past him. - Rob Steen Cricinfo Mid December 2011

"I think Misbah is an intelligent player and composed captain, and he communicates well with the players. He has also quickly picked up the confidence to push for victories, plus he is batting extremely well. I tell him to just go out and get runs and don't waste any innings. He has served Pakistan cricket very well." - Mohsin Hassan Khan December 2011

Younis Khan at Pakistan's dinner function : "I have played under so many captains but found Misbah - the best ever captain in my career" - Younis Khan via Umar Farooq Kalson Pakistan's cricinfo correspondent who attended Pakistan's dinner evening function along with the squad for the England series to celebrate their success in 2011 today

"Misbah, with the team that Waqar built, has been able to get Pakistan back to the 1980s formula: lay the foundations at the top – regardless of the format – and then proceed; when bowling, force the team to give their wickets away, rather than pursuing them. In the absence of bowlers the quality of Imran and Wasim, it’s the trio of spinners who are the stars. And each of the trio takes his wicket by choking the batsman until he submits rather than the swift blow to the head preferred by the stars of the 80s and 90s. But, this is a strategy acceptable to Pakistan only under Afridi, but not under Misbah, it would seem.

The indifference towards Misbah stems from his refusal to go for targets, firstly in the South Africa series last year, then again in the recently concluded Sri Lanka series. However, what he does is logical. A team with the history of poor chasing and collapses – particularly in fourth innings – has every reason to be cautious. Furthermore, isn’t that what Imran did? After all, Pakistan’s greatest captain – that paragon of aggression – drew more than half the matches he led. His reputation as the leader is built upon his captaincy in ODIs. But isn’t that what Misbah does: cautious in Tests, attacking in ODIs?" - Medigag from Dawn

“The way Misbah is captaining the Pakistan team in test matches; Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should appoint him as captain for ODI series against New Zealand and also in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.His own performance with the bat is also very impressive which adds to the team confidence" - Zaheer Abbas February 2011

“Afridi has failed to lead from the front and on the other hand, Misbah has taken the pressure on himself and led from the front in test matches which is more difficult form of cricket. I think Misbah is the right choice to lead Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011,” - Sikander Bakht February 2011

"Long-term success in any top-level sport begins first with learning how not to lose. Pakistan’s great team of the 1980s boasted Mudassar Nazar as its opening batsman, the scorer of the slowest century in Test cricket. The next step is learning how to win from different positions. The final milestone is domination. Team Misbah are finishing stage one, and the England series will be a proper examination of their progress." - Kamran Abbasi December 2011

"The level headed, intelligent and sensible captain of Pakistan. A cricketer who has flourished since taking over the role of Pakistan captain and thankfully has let his cricket do the talking. A man who doesn't feel the need to give interviews to the media every other day to justify his popularity.A man who feels he doesn't need to invite the media around his house to keep them "on side".A man who doesn't feel the need to pay for the media for their meals whilst on tour. A man who has done the hard yards in domestic cricket over the years and deserves every success. A humble, hard working cricketer who has the respect of the dressing room, the PCB and all the backroom staff. He'll have his work cut out in the upcoming series against England, but one thing is for sure, Misbah will give his all ! " - Saj from Pakpassion in January 2012

Misbah's updated profile description on ESPN cricinfo after all his success in 2011 reads as follows: it was in 2011 that Misbah truly rose above the crowd and established his credentials as a top-class batsman and a leader of men. Perhaps it's his degree in business management that has helped him manage, and get the best out of, a team as unpredictable as Pakistan - January 2012

"Spoke to Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq today. Came across very well and seems to be handling a difficult job with grace and good humour" - Dean Willson from the Mirrow January 2012

"His captaincy has had a calm influence on the players. He sets good examples and his own game has improved by a mile," added Raja, referring to a Test batting average touching 76 since Misbah's appointment."It was an important phase that was handled manfully by everybody - the captain, the board and the players." - Rameez Raja January 2012

"Yet under Afridi’s captaincy, the Pakistani team could internally combust any second. A brainwave was always just around the corner. A captain’s temperament reflects largely on his team’s performances. Mercurial leaders often breed unpredictability. Precisely for this reason, the calm and composed Misbah is an ideal man for leading Pakistan.Far more important than the results is the unbridled joy of watching a Pakistani team playing consistently solid, controversy-free cricket. These are attributes which a cricket fan like me has longed to witness. Finally, we have a captain who can collar his players, and on the back of stellar personal performances, command enough respect to instill a fighting spirit into the team. " - Safwan Umair

"For now, results are the only way to be taken seriously. On that count Misbah-ul-Haq’s team have over-delivered. Does it matter how they have done it? To my mind, it matters little. Pakistan cricket was a shipwreck waiting for a Viking burial. There was only one way to go and that was down to the depths of obscurity with the wailing of legends for a death song." - Kamran Abbasi December 2011

"Pakistan have played to their strengths (their bowling attack) and within their limitations (the pace of their batting). Simply put, Pakistan have wicket-taking bowlers and defensive batsmen, a formula that has succeeded thus far. Asking this batting line-up to score at four an over would be suicidal." - Kamran Abbasi December 2011

"Many were, at best, indifferent about Misbah before the tour, but he has begun to gain greater acceptance; some are relieved to have come upon such a calming influence, others resigned to a successful streak of pragmatism. His 66 at the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi, which laid the way for a shaky three-wicket triumph but a thumping 4-1 series win over Sri Lanka, captured the effect well. It was not a flashy intervention, but it was serene and came precisely in the kind of middling chase Pakistan often fluff." - Osman Samiuddin November 2011

"Not least of Misbah's achievements as captain - and this includes the series with South Africa - is that it went off without anybody being killed. No one ran away and no bookies have yet been sighted. Daniel Vettori even completed his press conference duties without insinuating anything untoward about Umar Gul's fine fourth-evening spell in Wellington. It is a minor triumph. There is no shortage of remarkable stories in Pakistan cricket but Misbah's is something else altogether" - Osman Samiuddin January 2011

"History may not remember Misbah as the most dynamic or visionary captain. But bearing in mind the hand fate dealt him and the context in which he took on the job, he may prove to be exactly the right man in the right position at the right time. Pakistan cricket has had plenty of flamboyant, unpredictable individuals. It could, perhaps, do with a little more calm, a little more predictability and a little more teamwork. Pakistan may yet come to be very grateful for Misbah-ul-Haq." - George Dobell from ESPN cricinfo

"Misbah is a very cool and calm character and what I saw in the Tests was very impressive, he handles things well and is somewhat like Ranatunga and he has the patience to wait until he achieves what he wants to," said Atapattu of the 37-year-old. November 2011

"Misbah became a professional cricketer late in his career, after completing an MBA degree aged 25. He was always considered to be one of the smartest men in the team, but only secured a permanent place when the selectors were looking for someone to take over from Salman Butt. A shrewd and pragmatic captain, the only trouble is that at 37 he may be too old to lead the side for long." - Andy Bull From Telegraph January 2012

"Comparing the 13 Tests under Misbah with the 13 before them shows that Pakistan have conceded almost the same number of runs (7007 versus 6964) and taken wickets with a more or less similar average (29.07 versus 33.16), but the batting average under Misbah has almost doubled, from 24.30 to 41.80. In other words, Pakistan's bowling was strong before, and continues to be strong under Misbah, but now the batsmen are giving their bowlers enough runs to play with. The result is that Pakistan have won seven of the 13 Tests under Misbah, compared with three wins and eight losses in the 13 previous Tests." Saad Shafqat

"Misbah has got it right. He may be risk-averse by nature, but he has managed to translate that into a cohesive unit that is showing results. That is a remarkable achievement." - Sikander Bakht January 2012

"Leadership has enhanced Misbah's batting, in particular his responsibility in constructing an innings and that is a handy trick. Certainly he hasn't looked out of depth, or naïve, on the field, to some extent proving Lawson's assessment that he handles problems analytically not emotionally. Years of domestic leadership have no doubt helped.PS Misbah would make a great chairman of the PCB in another 15 years!!! Lawson once signed off. Best reserve a copy of that book now." - Osman in January 2011

Misbah has been a knight in shining armour, if there ever was one, for Pakistan cricket. If it weren't for him, who knows where we might have been today. - Well Pitched

"Misbah has regenerated Pakistan, averaged 80, and held them together again today. The most important cricketer in the last year" - Wisden editor Scyld Berry

"He has learnt that he does not need to have a charismatic authoritarian stature or exhibitionist religiosity to bag the players’ and the media’s respect. He just needs to be Misbah — a contemplative selfless professional who articulates only on matters he knows best but is extremely private about his social and religious musings. Perhaps every other player needs to become a Misbah (and seems to have become); and maybe so does the Pakistani society as a whole." - Dawn

Misbah is the CEO, and Mohsin is the supportive and watchful chairman, standing steadfastly behind him. What they are doing together is not merely working, it is working wonders - Saad Shafqat ESPN cricinfo

Geoff Lawson on Pakistan's test series win:" I predicted that they would win the series before it started. I just think Pakistan has been playing some terrific cricket, particularly under Misbah. I have been saying for several years that he should have been the captain. They play very consistently and he’s a great leader and tactically he is outstanding. Obviously the players have a lot of respect for him, and it seems to be that everyone is playing for the team and no one is playing for themselves, which you couldn’t say that for a lot of past Pakistan teams."

Aamir Sohail on Misbah ul Haq talking to says : I will be as diplomatic as possible, but whoever criticises Misbah ul Haq does not know anything about cricket at all. Those that criticise Misbah need to read coaching manuals and sit down with ex cricketers and to learn about the psyche of cricket. His critics were waiting for his team to fail against England and they were saying that they have only beaten the likes of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Critics were saying that the Pakistani players that did well against the lesser teams will fail against higher profile opposition like England. Even the great Pakistani teams of the past lacked cricketing discipline and relied mainly on talent. Misbah’s philosophy is based on discipline and I am sure his philosophy will have a major impact on Pakistan cricket in years to come.

"England need to look at the way Misbah-ul-Haq plays the spinners. He plants his front foot down and either plays through extra cover or hits over the top. Unless you are a brilliant sweeper, that is the way to play." - Michael Vaughan

England were good in Abu Dhabi but Pakistan were better, ripping an absorbing Test match from the grip of their formidable opponents. A series win in such a thrilling manner has surprised even Pakistan’s careworn supporters. Misbah’s Pakistan, of steel, unity, and joy, has given the whole nation a cause to celebrate. - Kamran Abbasi from ESPN cricinfo

It would be an exaggeration to say that Pakistan’s cricket could have died of shame after the spot-fixing, but it could have wilted and declined, scandalous and homeless. But Misbah has stopped that happening, by averaging 80 as Test captain, and by his leadership. In his calm, cautious and cunning way, Misbah has been the most important cricketer in the world in the last year. Misbah is not as good a player as Inzamam-ul-Haq, But Misbah has something of Inzamam’s lordly demeanour, and he is a far more impressive captain. But his characteristics were just what Pakistan needed after the manic captaincy of Shahid Afridi and the criminal one of Salman Butt." - Scyld Berry Wisden Editor

"The performance of the team recently is down to Misbah Ul Haq. Mohsin Khan will be doing nothing. I am quite aware of what his capabilities are, from the time I was coach of the Pakistan team. He was in charge of the National Academy in Karachi and not very 'cluey' in his job. This is down to Misbah and his senior players and his organisation. I still think if Pakistan wants to go ahead, they still need a quality coach. Dav Whatamore is the right person." - Lawson

Michael Atherton - "Misbah ul haq is a Natural leader, A Natural player. He took over this side after the series here in England which would be remembered for all the wrong reasons and he has united this side I mean Pakistan are now looking like a much better team than before and Misbah has done outstandingly well for this Pakistan side and has so far let nothing come in his way"

"Pakistan confirmed to me this week that they are by far the best team in the Sub Continent at the minute.... By a country mile.." - Vaughan January 19th 2012 when Misbah led Pakistan to a 10 wicket win over the world number 1 ranked side to go 1-0 up in Dubai

"It is only because of the happy environment that Pakistan went out there believing they could win and they floored the best team in the world. It was an outstanding performance." - Raja Jan 2012

Serene characters like Misbah are few and far between in Pakistan cricket. We’ve seen the hot-headedness from Younis Khan, Ijaz Butt and Shahid Afridi in recent times and the chaos created by the match-fixers Salman Butt, Mohammeds Asif and Amir. Misbah is a man with such wide ranging qualities (also holds a MBA in business management) that he could easily take up the coaching role or a board position once he retires form playing – something I hope he does. This man should be backed to the hilt. - Stani Army June 2012

"Pakistan should be proud of their skipper and all he has achieved. I like his stoic nature and canny leadership. Appointing him as captain is the best decision the PCB has made for a long, long time." "At the heart of Pakistan’s revival has been Misbah himself." "He was entrusted with the seemingly thankless task of rejuvenating the side."... "He has shown the way, top scoring for Pakistan since he became captain with 1037 runs at an impressive average of 74.07. He clearly relishes leading the side." "There was much work to be done to restore pride in Pakistan’s cricket and to achieve this, the PCB made their best decision for many years – they turned to Misbah." By Miles Reucroft

"Misbah is very mature and he has been in and around cricket for a very long time.Having an older, calm, experienced player in charge of the team has been a very positive move for Pakistan, he is doing an excellent job.” - Former Pakistan Captain Majid Khan

"Misbah annoys you as a bowler at times, because we couldn’t seem to get him out for anything less than fifty the last time he was here. He is a great batsman but tends to get under your skin the way he plays. But I think that’s more credit to his game and us not being able to get him out more than anything else." - Tim Southee

"Then during the match when Kohli was out, Shahid Afridi approached me and said to me Yuvraj is in now, what are you going to do? I said I wanted to bowl a yorker straight away. But Shahid asked me to bowl a length ball so he [Yuvraj] would get out in the slips. However, I urged Shahid to let me bowl the yorker regardless of the consequences. I was prepared to be hit for a six or four, but I really wanted to bowl a yorker to him first up. Misbah was standing close by, so he also suggested to Shahid to let me bowl the yorker. So Shahid agreed and said alright bowl the yorker. In the end, by the grace of God, I was able to do what I had said a couple of days before the match. I bowled him out on the first ball – it was definitely a joyous moment." - Wahab Riaz

"Misbah bhai has pushed me a lot. I have played under him under Faisalabad and SNGPL. He’s always behaved very well as captain and I always thank him for whatever opportunities I’ve been given such as touring and league cricket - his backing has helped me a great deal along the way. He even says that I am his favourite bowler!" - Asad Ali

"So often, the best innings are not about the strokes a batsman plays, but those he does not. They are about discipline. About concentration. About denial. Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq defied England on a day when the bowlers, led by Stuart Broad, were on top. Misbah is the spine of the Pakistan team. Without him their batting would appear fragile and, in both Tests so far, he has provided resistance at a time when it appeared England's bowlers could take the initiative. " - George Dobell in Abu Dhabi January 25, 2012

Mark Nicholas in his piece for his cricinfo debut:
"And finally to the Test team of the Northern Hemisphere winter and to Misbah-ul-Haq. Not since Imran Khan has a group of Pakistani cricketers looked so comfortable with one another. Probably it was the winning but there was something quite patrician about Misbah's leadership - aloof and yet complicit. He never looks much of a batsman but averages 45 in 34 tests. He knows how to get it done and has passed this instinct to the others. How he loved it when they swarmed upon England, gloaters all. It was at Lord's that the storm clouds of spot-fixing had gathered and on supposedly neutral ground that the score was settled. How England must have suffered from this glaring portrayal of redemption. Misbah may not last, at least not like Clarke surely will, but he will not forget 3-0 against the colonial father in the Middle East. That was the Pakistan dream."

"A huge bonus for you will be that Misbah-ul Haq has taken over the captaincy. He is a bright, well-educated man, who understands the game exceptionally well. When in doubt, ask Misbah who should be in the team and he will give you players who aren't someone's second cousin's brother's uncle but rather are the most skilled for that position. He is a winner and plays no favourites, and will be an excellent sounding board for whatever strategy you feel will work best with the team. He sets a perfect example in work ethic and discipline, and it does make a difference when the senior players are doing all the right things, especially in their culture of age and respect going hand in hand." - Letter to Whatmore A former coach welcomes the new arrival with a few words of advice Geoff Lawson

Misbah's real problem - and it is a problem without a solution - is that he is not Afridi. The populist adoration for Afridi - for his charisma, his talent and his aura - is boundless. Misbah, with his more prosaic qualities of reliability, calm and consistency, is overshadowed by comparison. While logic might back Misbah, emotions are with Afridi. When Afridi drops a batting glove a nation stoops to pick it up. When Afridi fails with the bat - and, unpalatable though it will be to Pakistan supporters, he fails with the bat rather too often - a nation mourns his ill fortune. When Misbah scores 50, a nation frowns upon the slow pace at which he scored it. Misbah could invent a cure for cancer and someone will claim that Afridi would have done it with more panache. - George Dobell

“Everyone is impressed by the fact that he speaks well and sensibly before the media and secondly he is not fond of giving unnecessary or controversial statements in the media on any issue. He is seen as not only a good captain but an excellent ambassador for Pakistan cricket” - PCB Chairman on Misbah as Captain

Rambo recently said: “You can bet your bottom dollar on Misbah in tough situations.”

"Questions about Misbah’s suitability for the captaincy will persist, the nature of the beast is at odds with the mood of the herd, but sport is a results business first and Misbah has them aplenty to support his case for caution. This Misbah fellow might not be to everybody’s taste but he is tenacious and capable of surprise." - Kamran Abbasi 11/11/11

"Misbah is a very fine player and a top captain; previously he whitewashed world’s number one team. Actually Pakistan nation’s mindset is to be blamed here, they remember your bad performances but never appreciate your good ones. People remember and curse Misbah bhai over his innings against India in Mohali, but they don’t really understand the fact that had Misbah not stuck around, Pakistan would have been bundled under 140; and would have lost by 130 runs. I’d take a 30 runs loss over a 130 runs loss on any day. I don't find it much a worry, it's a Mentality that's come over the last few years." - Sadaf Hussain

"Misbah-ul-Haq’s Pakistan has a layer of ice smothering the fire in its veins, unlike any Pakistan team that has blown hot and cold before it. Forget rankings, Pakistan cricket and its supporters are feeling on top of the world." - Kamran Abbasi January 28, 2012

"But Ajmal’s ascent would have been difficult without the stability of Misbah’s captaincy. Misbah has flirted with Pakistani hearts before, only to break them. In Test cricket, as captain of his country, he has discovered a river of love. The only debate about Misbah’s captaincy is the run-rate of his batsmen, such a trifling matter in the grand order of Pakistani controversies that it speaks volumes about the success of his methods. Misbah has brought tenacity to Pakistan cricket, best exemplified by the fascinating partnership between Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq in Pakistan’s second innings. Previous Pakistan teams would have succumbed to a base instinct to blast their way out of trouble, yet Misbah’s young troopers dug in, deeper and deeper. A partnership alien to the Pakistani spirit, albeit hewn of Misbah’s cool resolve, forged the winning margin." - Kamran Abbasi 28/01/12

"This was the examination of Pakistan's progress that was anxiously awaited, a bout with the world's No.1 Test team, a tussle that might expose the illusion of Pakistan's cricketing resurrection. Instead, Misbah-ul-Haq's team moved their supporters a few steps closer to heavenly rapture." - Kamran Abbasi 19/01/12

"With Saeed Ajmal in such mesmeric form and Misbah's leadership more impresive by the day, Pakistan are capable of turning their Middle East abode into as much of a fortress as Karachi once was. On this evidence, Pakistan can be a power again in Test cricket and the world game will be better for it." - Kamran Abbasi 19/01/12

"But the first match after that shameful day at Lord's in 2010 was always going to carry a thrilling significance for players and spectators of both teams, Pakistan's in particular. Team Misbah's stylish victory has restated that precious ability of sport to cleanse sins and lift hearts. For its manner and its poignancy, Pakistan's ten-wicket triumph will rank among the greatest in its gripping cricket history." - Kamran Abbasi 19/01/12

"Determination and tenacity are trademarks of this new Pakistan, although there is no shortage of skill in the spin attack, the best in Asia, or the pace of Umar Gul, a threat with new ball and old. In Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq, Pakistan have young batsmen of sound temperament, a trait often lacking in emerging Pakistani talent. At the helm, Misbah, the mild-mannered miser of Mianwali, has galvanised his troops in a fashion unseen since the days of Imran Khan." - Kamran Abbasi 06/02/12

"Misbah-ul-Haq’s Pakistan worked a miracle to inflict a whitewash on the world’s top side, only the fifth occasion that a Pakistan team has achieved that landmark. England were expected to be formidable opponents, likely to expose Pakistan’s progress as superficial. England improved with the series but not enough to challenge Pakistan’s dominance. The rapid progress that Pakistan have made in the last 12 months was sealed with an English kiss." - Kamran Abbasi 06/02/12

"When Misbah ul Haq took over the captaincy, it was an emergency for Pakistan cricket. I’d liken him taking over the captaincy to a time when a serious accident had just occurred. It was an accident where emergency treatment was required to stop the bleeding. Firstly the bleeding had to be stopped, the minor injuries had to be addressed and then finally long term medication being administered to enable healing to take place. Initially Misbah stopped the bleeding that was happening in Pakistan cricket, then he looked into the minor injuries and now we are seeing the right kind of medication being given to the Pakistan team by Misbah to enable them to recover fully. He has approached the situations and scenarios that he has had to encounter since taking over as captain very methodically and the best thing that he has brought with him is putting the emphasis on cricketing disciplines." - Aamir Sohail


  1. The captaincy of Misbah is not appropriate as He is not aggressive one. I think Younas Khan was better captain after great Imran Khan. Its time to face India in Asia Cup and get ready for India Live Streaming