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Pakistan In 2011 Tests Review and Overall Review - Their Best Ever Year?


1-0 vs New Zealand away
1-1 vs West Indies away
1-0 vs Zimbabwe away
1-0 vs Sri Lanka in UAE
2-0 vs Bangladesh away

Margin of victories

10 wickets
196 runs
7 wickets
9 wickets
An innings and 184 runs
7 wickets

Never before have they had a higher W/L ratio in a test calendar year or had such a large difference between test matches won and lost.

Never have they won 4 test series in a calendar year since 2002.

Their 34 international wins is their highest ever in a calendar year and the most in 2011.

They have won the most tests in international cricket this year along with England at the highest W/L ratio.

The leading test wicket taker in 2011 is a Pakistani (Saeed Ajmal).

Misbah ul Haq was named captain of the year by the cricketer magazine.

Misbah ul Haq has taken the most catches by a fielder in the year 2011.

3 Pakistan batsmen were in the top 10 run getters for tests in 2011 through: Taufeeq, Misbah and Younis.

They are now 5th in the ICC rankings and have gained points this year.

In 10 tests this year they have posted above 340 in the 1st innings 8 times and crossed the 400 mark in the first innings 5 times and 4 times above the 450 + mark.

They have even declared the innings 3 times which they did not get a chance to do all last year

They have only lost 20 wickets once in 10 tests.

They have had 10 test centurions this year which is 8 more than what they had last year.

They have an 8-0 record against Bangladesh in test cricket from 8 tests, a 16-9 against Sri Lanka from 40 tests, a 9-2 against Zimbabwe from 15 tests, a 16-15 against West Indies from 46 tests and only 7 defeats in as many as 50 tests against the Kiwis.

Mohammad Hafeez and Misbah have featured in all 34 wins and Hafeez has been involved in all 47 matches.

They have had 3 of the 4 highest run aggregate partnerships and all of the 4 highest number of balls faced for partnerships in tests this year with Azhar and Taufeeq facing 250 overs and only being dismissed 8 times at an average of 82.
Younis and Misbah have been involved in the most 100 partnerships this year with 4 century stands.

2011 Test Records For Team Pakistan
MOM Awards


MOTS Awards

New Zealand = NA
West Indies = Saeed Ajmal
Zimbabwe = Hafeez
Sri Lanka = Saeed Ajmal
Bangladesh = Younis Khan

Top 3 run getters

Taufeeq: 831 runs at 46
Younis: 765 runs at 85
Misbah: 765 runs at 70

Top 3 leading catchers

Younis: 14
Azhar Ali: 11
Misbah: 10

Top 3 leading wicket takers

Ajmal with 50 in 8 tests
Rehman with 36 in 8 tests
Gul with 34 in 8 tests

Most Balls Faced

1) Taufeeq: 1876
2) Azhar Ali: 1829
3) Misbah: 1771

Highest Scores

1) Taufeeq Umar's 236 against Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi
2) Younis Khan's 200* against Bangladesh in 1st test
3) Mohammad Hafeez's 143 against Bangladesh in 1st test

Most Maiden Overs Bowled

Abdur Rehman: 116 at economy of 2.29
Saeed Ajmal: 112 at economy of 2.44
Umar Gul: 48 at economy of 3.03

Leading run scorer by test series tour

New Zealand = Misbah ul Haq
West Indies = Misbah ul Haq
Zimbabwe = Mohammad Hafeez
Sri Lanka = Taufeeq Umar
Bangladesh = Younis Khan

Leading wicket taker by test series tour

New Zealand = Umar Gul
West Indies = Saeed Ajmal
Zimbabwe = Aizaz Cheema
Sri Lanka = Saeed Ajmal
Bangladesh = Rehman

Highest batting average by tour

New Zealand = Misbah ul Haq
West Indies = Misbah ul Haq
Zimbabwe = Younis Khan
Sri Lanka = Azhar Ali
Bangladesh = Younis Khan

Highest Partnerships

Younis Khan and Asad Shafiq for the 4th wicket against Bangladesh in the 1st test
Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali for 2nd wicket against Zimbabwe in Bulawayo
Mohammad Hafeez and Taufeeq Umar for 1st wicket against Bangladesh in the 1st test

Highest Partnership Aggregates

Taufeeq Umar and Azhar Ali with 656 at 82 ( 3 100s and 3 50s in 8 innings )
Mohammad Hafeez and Taufeeq Umar with 587 at 32 ( 2 100s and 2 50s in 19 innings)
Younis Khan and Misbah ul Haq with 571 at 82 ( 4 100s in 9 innings)

Centuries Scored

Taufeeq Umar = 3

Mohammad Hafeez = 2

Younis Khan = 2

Misbah ul Haq = 1

Azhar Ali =1

Asad Shafiq = 1

Most Scores of above 50

Taufeeq Umar = 6

Mohammad Hafeez = 4

Azhar Ali = 8

Younis Khan = 6

Misbah ul Haq = 8

Asad Shafiq = 3
Umar Akmal = 1
Adnan Akmal = 1
Tanvir Ahmed = 1

Most Not Outs

Misbah ul Haq with 5 in 16 innings and 2 of them when he has scored 70* or more

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